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Welcome to my New Humble Hole

I guess that all those days spend cracking my brain on how to make the most of the little amount of customisibility that comes with xanga are all over. I managed to get this thing up and running in the space of just 4 hours. And I must say, I'm quite impressed with the end result if I do say so myself.

Anyway, Nationial Service is drawing to a close, and recently I've been stoning at home from dusk till dawn practically doing nothing. I guess I should start looking for a job cos if I'm heading the way I think I am, which is SIM, the new semester only starts on September 2007, while the bridging course starts on April 2007. Which effectively means I have almost 7 whole months to spend at my own free will.

I just sent out an email to apply for a job and I hope we can get in together, cos a good friend of mine also applied for the same job. Hopefully we can earn a few extra bucks before having to go back to studying.

And as for studying, unless it snows during summer, most probably I'll be taking Communcations and Information Systems at SIM. A lot of people have be telling me that the competition in the IT job market now is extremely tough and has been getting tougher ever since those programmingly-inclined Indians started to pour into our Singapore markets. Well personally I don't really give a damn about certs and degrees, but just because bloody Singapore is a Paper Market, I have no choice but to further my studies. Personally I always feel that paper qualifications to a certain extent only show how good your memory is and how fast you are able to put it into words. But when it comes to applying the knowledge, it's a totally different story.

Still not convienced? Here's an example for you. A newcomer learns all the theories of how to swim by reading up and practicing at his condo's swimming pool. A shipwrecked passenger survives drowning by swimming to a nearby desserted island. Now throw them both in the middle of the sea, who do you think will survive the longest? The smart alac who knows everything? OR the survivor who knows how to stay afloat?

Whatever the case is, I still need a stupid piece of paper, infact more than 1 if you count them [Degree, COE, ROM] to survive in Singapore... Therefore I have no other choice but to walk the beaten down path that so many others have peaved for us.

Anyhow written on Sep 11, 2006 at 2:11 PM

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