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This weekend was a week of many firsts for me. Firstly it was the first time I was visiting a new mother during her confinement month. For those of you who are staying in the same mountain as me, a mother who has just given birth has to be confined at home for an entire month for God knows what reason.

Anyway, she resides in some Ulu Pandan place called Senja. [Any place not in the East or Central area of Singapore is Ulu Pandan to me] Hence we had to take the MRT to Jurong East, than swap a train to Chua Chu Kang and finally switch a LRT to Senja just to get NEAR her place. Not to mention we still had to walk like 10 minutes before reaching her block.

Oh, by the way, I can't believe I'm saying this but it was also my first time taking the LRT. I noticed a few things about the LRT system that the designers might have overlooked. Number 1, there are no glass panels beside the ends of the seats for commuters to lean against. It's just a metal pole connected to thin air. This is VERY DANGEROUS especially for mountain tortoises like moi who are taking the LRT for the 1st time. What would happen if they just assumed everything was like the MRT system and took a foot of the ground to lean against the tempting 'glass panel' beside the seats? It would cause a major commotion as well as free entertainment value for the rest of the commuters on the LRT.

Number 2, 1 LRT station can hold 2 LRTs going the same direction at any one time. Which means that they actually are wasting resources building 2 LRT trams to be used during rush hours rather than making a single LRT the length of the entire station [a.k.a. MRT]. What's the point of spliting a station length into 2 LRTs? Don't tell me they have to be short just to be able to take the sharp turns of the LRT track?

And lastly, the LRT is actually a loop service but they have 2 routes. One will go by the left loop while the next LRT from the terminal will go by the right loop. This is actually a clever move by the designers to save commuters staying on the near end of either side some valuable time but I think they forgot something... 2 LRTS can't be leaving the terminal station at the same time. And since the LRT loop is actually quite short, I don't see much of a difference in matter of the amount of time saved cause if you missed your side of the loop, taking the other side would almost get you back in the same amount of time as waiting for your next loop service to arrive.
OK, I shall stop my bitching about the LRT system for now. Maybe I'm just pissed that I had to pay an amount that is more than what I have to pay from getting from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris, but flaws ARE flaws right?

It was also my first time staying over at Pipi's sister's new house. And boy do they have some funny house rules. OK, maybe just one but it's still funny. They won't sleep until every eletrical appliance in the house is turned off, which includes, but is not limited to, lights, fans, TV, radio, laptop, main power points etc etc. So being a guest in their house means you have to go to sleep before they are willing to sleep, and I must say their bedtime is kinda early. So it's somewhat like being forced to go to bed just to make sure that they have enough rest.

Ok, enough of the bad memories, let's move on to the good memories of the week. Firstly we spent almost $200 just during that weekend alone. Together with some friends, we actually wanted to go sing some Karaoke at CineLeisure K-Box but a warning for those people out there who want to sing at K-Box, no matter what they tell you, their actual timing is as follows:

K-Lunch : 11am - 2pm
K-Happy : 3 Hours FROM YOUR CHECK-IN BETWEEN 2pm - 7pm
K-Golden : 3 Hours FROM YOUR CHECK-IN BETWEEN 7pm - 10pm
K-Midnight : 3 Hours FROM YOUR CHECK-IN BETWEEN 10pm - 3am

They are likely to tell you that their slots last for 4 hours until you go down to open a room, they suddenly turn around and say that they are only available for 3 hours and anything after that depends on the demand of rooms from the next batch of customers. Trust me on this, we were fooled twice that day, thinking that the next slot would last 4 hours, we decided to skip the current slot and go for a movie only to find that the next slot is exactly the same duration as what we could have got. Pissed off, we left the Central area for a less populated area, Marine Parade. I don't know why, but the service and staff of K-Box at Residental areas [Jurong East, Marine Parade] are always much better and friendlier than those at major shopping areas like Tampines and Orchard, where the staff always seem to act like they just come back from a round of extremely bad sex.

Over at Marine Parade, the counter girl told us with a smile that we would definitely be able to have the room from 10pm - 3am. No buts. That was the 1st time that I ever sang for 5 hours straight. I believe I'm not the only one who fuly enjoyed myself that day. Thanks again boys and girls.

Anyhow written on Sep 18, 2006 at 10:21 AM

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