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My Phone Is Spoilt Again

Although I'm a hardcore Nokia phone supporter, I must say I can't say the same thing about their service centres. Is it just me or are their service centres ALWAYS packed like sardines? Shows that much about their phone quality huh? And they always don't have the stock for you.

Anyway, my N73 seems to be telling me that I have been playing "Critter Crossing" too much. You know the game where the animals have to cross to the other side the busy road / river / train tracks etc. So much so that the metal piece on the joc-stick [is that how you spell it?] decided to divorce it's holder.

So me being the super handyman that I am, decided to use super glue to mend their broken relationship. At first everything was fine and dandy, until the morning after their first night back together. When I awoke, I decided to check on them, and to my surprise, they were so much back in love that they couldn't even move. It became as stiff as a super arroused d**k, resulting in me trying to force it back into working condition and finally breaking the entire stick off the board. We have a Hokkien saying for these type of situations... kiang tio ho, mai gey kiang, losely translated it means "smart is good enough, don't act smart"

So from now until that damn nokia gets it's new batch of joc-sticks, I'm reduced to using my phone for incoming / outgoing calls and SMSes only. Any other function / software won't be operational without the joc-stick. And hopefully I still can use my built-in camera too...

I've went to Nokia for replacement parts twice [1 for battery and now joc-stick], and both times I was told that there was no stock available and I had to wait for 1 to 2 weeks for the new stock to come. This makes me wonder what type of backward inventory system they are using, so much so that the new stock almost always never come on time to top up depleting stock. Nokia, I've got a suggestion, employ me to do up a new inventory system for you. I'm sure you'll get many praises from customers after I'm done with it.

Anyhow written on Mar 27, 2007 at 9:27 AM

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