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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 4

It's that time of the week again folks. This one should be easy for those who have it. Here comes the Guess-It for this week~


Hint : I use it everyday!

Anyhow written on Mar 21, 2007 at 9:51 AM

30 bored people said something about this

interesting! no idea what that is, though ... :)

posted by Blogger maiylah : 10:46 AM

you have the hardest things to guess! i have no idea....

smiles, bee

posted by Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) : 10:50 AM

ummmmm a web cam?

posted by Anonymous Rav`N : 10:54 AM

cell phone holder/charger?

I have no idea, but I think it's something electronic.

posted by Blogger Crazy Working Mom : 11:24 AM

I was thinking an eight ball. lol

posted by Anonymous Rose : 12:27 PM

Bee already took my answer! (hehe)

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:22 PM

I will have to wait for the answer.

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 2:32 PM

Would try to guess if I could see the pic... will have to come back, I guess!

posted by Blogger Stine : 5:32 PM

That is going to be quite a guess. No one knows what you use everyday. It can be many things. Let's say it can be an electric razor, a comb, a brush or a toothbrush.
Thanks for the visit.

posted by Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD : 5:45 PM

I agree with crazy working mom, this must be something electronic. But that's all I can guess...

posted by Blogger vlado&toni : 6:10 PM

Whatever it is, I don't have one and certainly don't use it everyday! Uhm, alarm clock? Egg timer? Mutated Magic 8 Ball??

posted by Blogger Linda : 6:13 PM

No idea, but it looks like a cool ball to play with either way!

posted by Blogger whenn : 6:18 PM

It's a mutant computer mouse. Or maybe a coffee maker. :)

posted by Anonymous Brian : 7:29 PM

I know, I know: a wrecking ball. :-)

posted by Blogger Amber : 7:43 PM

well I was thinking cell phone holder/charger :-)
Thanks for stopping by my WW

posted by Blogger Eagles Wings : 7:48 PM

well I was thinking cell phone holder/charger :-)
Thanks for stopping by my WW

posted by Blogger Eagles Wings : 7:48 PM

I think it's an alarm clock. Just a guess. Can't wait to find out! Thanks for stopping at my site.

posted by Blogger Shelly Kneupper Tucker : 8:56 PM

Hmmmm, fascinating. It must be something for use with the computer. Is it a camera?

posted by Anonymous Ma : 9:28 PM

I was thinking something to do with coffee.

posted by Blogger letha : 9:53 PM

Webcam? Mouse? Eight Ball? Mmmm - I thinks it's a worry ball!

posted by Blogger Robyn Mills : 10:03 PM

Haven't got a scooby I'm afraid....

posted by Anonymous Autofocused : 10:07 PM

this is easy............
what is the problem.........
it is..................

a black ball

posted by Blogger Sarge Charlie : 10:30 PM

Hmmm...shaving cream? Cologne? Salt ball? Every day huh?

Shower gel? A grown up equivalent of Rubber ducky?

posted by Blogger Shoshana : 11:04 PM

I'm going to go for a mouse. It would be a pretty cool looking mouse, and I'd want to know where you got it.

Actually, whatever it is, I'd want one!

posted by Anonymous Rory : 11:26 PM

I have no idea!

posted by Blogger GreenEyedGirl : 11:40 PM

I agree that it looks like a mouse, shot from the back end, on a reflective surface so that it appears to be a ball! :)

posted by Blogger Asara : 12:11 AM

could it be a fancy mouse?

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:23 AM

could it be a fancy mouse?

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:23 AM

I don't know. It's pretty though and I need one.

posted by Blogger Barbara : 8:28 AM

seeing as how you use it daily it is probably some sort of superduper face cream in really awesome packaging..m

posted by Blogger madd : 9:51 AM
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