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Facial With Miss Tjio

Went for my virgin facial at this place called "Ja'zz The Skin Perfection" some where in a remote part of Singapore called Spottiswoode Park Road. Well, it's actually not that ulu cos it's just a 10 minute stroll from Outram Park MRT station but you gotta know how to get there.

Anyway, the facial was fun. I never knew they could do so many things to improve the entire outlook of one's face. From the typical applying facial cream to professional facial massaging to using some funky high-tech machine to apply some special lubricant and massage your face.

They had this mini-vacuum like machine that was used to remove the whiteheads and blackheads by sucking them off my face. It kinda felt like when you stick one of those transparent, round sticky plastic things that sticks on a wall onto your skin and pull it off forcefully, only smaller and repeated many, many times.

There was also this machine that had a metal plate that was to be placed on your back with direct contact with your skin as well as a roller-like erm... roller that was used to apply some lubricant and massage my face. The roller was said to produce radiowaves and it got warmer and warmer as the massage went on. Kinda felt like I was bathing in my shower with the heater turned up to the maximum. The heat was just slightly below unbearable so I managed to sit through the entire treatment without asking her to stop. Good thing I always bathe with the heater turned up to the max.

I really felt like I was in one of those TV shows where they love to show the horendous before picture with some person with some funky skin/facial problem and then film the entire process of that person getting treated before showing the fully maked-up complete with powder and concealer to prove that the treatment works wonders. Only in this case, there were no cameras, no hosts and no before and after mugshots.

I did see a bit of uplifting of my face about 45 minutes into the treatment when the masseuse passed me a mirror to see the difference of one half of my face as compared to the other. [She had been working on the right side of my face for the first 45 minutes] However, it was nothing like those overly exagerated results depicted in those beauty shows.

All in all I was quite impressed by the service and I even managed to fall asleep to the sounds of birds chirping and flowing waterfalls with a creamy mask and supposedly cucumbers or tomatoes atop my eyes. [Its kinda hard to differentiate between cucumbers and tomatoes using closed eyelids] She even gave me a quick but enjoyable massage when I was waken from my slumber.

Thanks again to Tjio who was waiting outside the entire time while I was revitalising my face. I gotta treat her to lunch or dinner or K one of these days.

Anyhow written on Jan 22, 2009 at 12:50 AM

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