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It All Ends Here

It's all coming to an end. In 2 days time I will be getting back my life, my liberty and most important of all, my pink IC. I never thought that NS could have been as enjoyable as it was. All the stunts, pranks, jokes and fun we had together throughout these 2 years will never be forgotten. Here's a special thanks to all those who shared laughter and tears with, to our 61st and 62nd batch especially. NS wouldn't be the same without you guys.

Let's start from the beginning. To Tian Soon, thanks for recommending this super slack vocation and giving us a great time during course as well as the Changi Team era. You're still one of my bestest buds. To Wen Sheng, I donno how or why we became so close during the past year but I don't regret any moment we had together. We are the kings of the East and brothers forever. To Chris, we will definitely miss your crazy side-breakfall demos as well as your prowless in Tekong. Study hard in a aussie and come home with a good degree, not an aussie accent mate. To Junior, don't be such a stuntman in the working world cos you're gonna get burnt harder than anything you ever felt in SPT. Be a good boy in aussie and you can could on us to take care of Shermaine till she joins you. To EZQ, some things in life have to be done, don't always try to siam cos sometimes you have to get it done no matter what. Enjoy your freedom now and hopefully find a good partner soon. To Ben, good luck and have fun down under but make sure to take care of yourself while drifting through downtown. We want to see you back in Singapore in 1 piece ok? To Jian Wei, you're the most hardworking person in SPT and I'm sure you will put that worker's attitude to a much better use after ORD. Hope to see you one day as the Singapore Champ of DOA, you can do it! To the rest of the batch, although we didn't spend much time together I hope you guys will remember me the same way I will remember you.

To Ian Michael and Binny, I believe you 3 are the best and most knowledgeable CCIs in the wing right now. We have thought you well and will always be proud of you. To Ming Qiang, we will always remember your rubber duckie voice when you first came in. Don't always be such a nice guy cos some people will just climb over your head. Sometimes you have to look out for yourself first. To Tim SC, hope to see the finished product on your back some time soon. Just endure AFC a little longer, it will be over soon. To Geoffrey, proffessional bumming at home may be relaxing but don't let it take over your life. Will be joining you as a civilian in 2 days time. To Alex, always remember these words of wisdom from our holy Nandakumar, "If you play with fire, one day you will get burnt." If you wanna slack, do it smartly. To Esmond, we will miss your mono-toned voice and your cheeky smiles. To the rest of the batch, rock on!

Well, thats for the warm-up of my fingers, cos today I will be flooding your page with more than just my ORD thanks. 1 whole week of activities will be cramped into this tiny little space of mine so endure! Last night Singapore crowned it's 2nd Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza. Truth be told, I would rather have Jonathan be the next Singapore Idol cos we already have a Malay Idol, although Hady's voice was always better than Jon's. Did you guys notice some strange happenings during the Results show last night? Firstly, like all 'LIVE' Singapore shows, most of the performances by the top 10 were all pre-recorded. It was extremely obvious during Matilda's song, where she dragged a note while her mouth was not even close to the mic. What's the point of a 'LIVE' show when everything was already recorded? Secondly, it's very obvious that Hady doesn't support local music when he totally forgot the lyrics of Electrico's song and even had the cheek to ask the leader singer for the lyrics on national TV during the performance. Even a pro like Germit fumbled during one of the annoucements where he annouced the wrong website address and had to be corrected by the backstage people through his ear piece. Well, all the best to Hady and Jon, but personally I still feel Jon would do better as the Singapore Idol cos he has that X-factor that Hady is lacking.

Anyhow written on Sep 26, 2006 at 10:13 AM

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