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If you haven't caught Singaporean acclaimed director Mr Jack Neo's latest flick, you better go watch it soon. If not you would have missed out on one of the funniest local films in years. All thanks to the antics of funny man Gurmit Singh and Caldacott princess Fann Wong.

The story goes something like this, Mr Lim Teng Zui [Gurmit Singh], a lowly educated technician and Ms Tanya Chew [Fann Wong], a high-flying manager [incidently also Teng Zui's manager] are constantly at each other's throats even though they are working for the same department. To make matters worse, all hell breaks lose when they meet with an accident and their souls exchange bodies.

My respect goes out to Fann Wong for acting the role of a man in a woman's body. It's no easy task having to put her image and reputation at stake while needing to grab her own breasts or scratching away relentlessly at her butt and nether regions. Throwing all caution to the wind, she relenquishes the ah lian that she most probably should have been in her secondary school life.

Now back to the real life. There have been 2 serious fighting incidents within these 2 weeks in school. Quite happening don't you think? But I don't know if the students these days are getting stupidier or are just plain stupid. I mean, why would you want to even start a fight in school, knowing full well that you would most probably get caught, sent to the discipline center and get yourself into a whole shitload of trouble after that? If you really want to fight, go settle it outside of school where the fight can at least be finished!

And of all places the choose to fight in, many opt for the boys toilet. Why? Don't ask me. To me it's the stupidest place to fight in. Firstly, the floor is usually wet and dirty, which most probably means that one or both parties will eventually fall to the floor and end up rolling among all the disguisting water on the floor. Number 2, there is only 1 entrance to the toilet. If any teacher or staff comes in to catch them, there's no way out. unless you are tiny enough to squeeze through that small little glass panel they call a toilet window. And furthermore, there are no weapons to be made use of in the toilet, apart from the hand banging possibilities of the sinks and mirrors, which any clever fighter would obviously avoid.

And more often than not, the injuries are self-sustained. For example, slipping on the wet floor and hitting his head on the sink. I don't think I would feel a sense of satisfaction from watching my enemy injure himself. Any serious sustainable injuries should be inflicted by me. Of course, not that I'm encouraging anybody to start fights, but this is just my point of view on the degraded level of fights that are happening in schools right now. What ever happened to the 'See you at [insert place] at [insert time] if you dare!' challenges? Kids these days are really unbelievable. Bottom line is, if you want to start a fight, you bloody well better be able to finish it.

Anyhow written on Feb 22, 2007 at 1:42 PM

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