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The Luck Of the Leprechaun


How was your Chinese New Year celebrations? There's this old saying that always holds true about the various races in Singapore...

When Malays get together, they eat and chat.
When Indians get together, they sing and dance.
When Ang Mohs get together, they drink and party.
When Chinese get together, they gamble.

And unluckily for me, i have the hands of a god... A luckless god that is. Every year during Chinese New Year, I will definitely have to donate some money at the gambling table. Not once did I ever leave the table with more money in my pocket than I started with. And I'm definitely sure it's not my gambling skills that are letting me down. And it's definitely not due to greediness because I bet the same amount every game. Maybe this is my retribution for not donating any money to those beggars on the streets. [I still don't see a reason to!!]

Anyway, to prove to myself, and everybody else that I have the luck of the Leprechaun, I did a little experiment during my free time. Spreading the deck of cards face down on the table, I randomly picked 5 cards which I felt were BIG cards ie 8 and above. And this was what I came up with...

5 Diamonds Jack Hearts 2 Spades 4 Clubs 6 Diamonds

Did the exact same thing with the remaining cards, this time hoping to get SMALL cards ie 7 and below, and guess what...

5 Hearts King Hearts Ace Diamonds 9 Spades 10 Clubs

As you can see, this is the real reason why I donate money on the gambling table every year. I've become so famous among my family members that they even dub me the "Banker of the Year" this year. Great. Now I have another funky nickname.

And to make matters worse, my laptop LCD decided to go on holiday with the rest of us. It doesn't want to show anything but a blank, black screen. Hence I haven't been able to blog during the holidays. Even the post below this was blogged just 1 hour ago and back dated to CNY. So please forgive me for my lack of posting during this festive period.

Anyhow written on Feb 21, 2007 at 9:27 AM

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