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How was your Valentine's Day? Forus it was just a simple dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe somewhere around Bugis, just opposite the National Library. No fancy gifts, no bouqets of flowers, no diamond jewellery, no nothing. Just a peaceful candle-light dinner was good enough for us.

As this was the 1st time we were having a meal at this cosy cafe, not knowing what to order, as well as incorperating a little bit of my laziness, we [well, actually I] ordered the Valentine's Day set menu. This first dish was some sort of soup. The soup bowl was a facinating design, but the soup itself was not. I'm not sure if it was due to our Singaporean taste buds or not, but both of us agreed that the soup was definitely not to our liking.

The next dish was the main course of some flounder served atop some blackish bean-like things, which I found not very tasty. Jes liked the beans though. And we both liked the fish, just too bad the serving was a tad small to fill our tummys... or so we thought.

after which, came the main attraction of the night. The dessert. It was actually some cinnimon sweet dessert but we changed it to their famous bread and butter pudding, which we haven't had in a very very long time. And boy was it heavenly. Priced at only $2.80 for a fist-sized slice, it definitely made us forget about the not-so-nice dinner we just stomached down our throats. If you're looking for great bread and butter pudding, Miss Clarity Cafe is the place to be. Oh, and they also served some aromatically fragrant tea too.

Before we left, we had a peak at their ala carte menu. I somewhat regretted not opting for the ala carte menu in the first place as there were quite a number of decliciously named articles of choice [although no pictures] which I would have choosen anyday over what we just had. Anyway, we did some calculations according to the prices on the menu and discovered that they should have made a killing on the Valentine's Day set.

So we made a bid to come back once more in time to come to try out their ala carte menu... and of course their bread and butter pudding. Anybody wanna join us for some delicious desserts anytime soon?

Anyhow written on Feb 15, 2007 at 12:56 PM

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