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Busy Busy Day

Today has been such a busy day, that I haven't been ale to get a single piece of work done yet. Let's jut recap the events of today...

Just when I come in to work, my boss asked me to go for a treasure hunt... To hunt down 2 projectors that went MIA. So there we were, me and my collegue, running up and down, in and out of almost every room in the school to locate these 2 mystical projectors. We managed to locate 1 of them but up till this moment the 2nd one is still very cleverly hidden. This treasure hunt itself took us almost about 2 whole hours to complete, that's about half of the morning worktime gone down the drain.

after that, the entire school had a fire drill. And the funny thing was, that before the fire bell even rung, there was an annoucement about the fire drill and where the fire was supposedly to have borken out. And as everyone would know, once students hear that there will be a fire drill to disrupt their classes, the cheers and screams are plentiful. Even as the annoucement was being made, I could hear screams of joy coming from the classrooms. So then the firebell was rung and the entire school poured out [ok, more like strolled] to the evacuation area, where, as usual, the teachers were having a hard time getting their students to settle down to do a headcount.

After the fire drill, me and my collegue were again tasked to help my boss set up some automatic MCQ/True or False interactive system for today's staff meeting. And we are expected to sit in the meeting to help them with the dempo for the application too.

And even after all that, when everybody thought that the day's commotion was over, we were in for another surprise. Soon after, I was again called to the General Office, this time to play detective, CSI Maimi style. It seems that 2 boys had gotten into a fight in one of the boys toilets and one of them was bleeding quite badly from the head. So I was to play detective and scour the scene of the crime for any evidence that I could find. Armed with my trusty camera, we headed for the scene expecting the worst. Unfortunately, all that remained were a few blood drops on the floor and walls of the toilet. No broken wall glass, no bloodstained sinks, no damaged doors, no nothing. Hence I just snapped a few photos of the minute amount of blood found scattered around and made our way out of there.

All this happening happenings took us to lunchtime [What? Lunch already?] Yeah, so here I am after lunch, finally able to take seat in front of a laptop and blog about today's hectic inprompto schedule. And the day does not end here. In a few moments, the staff meeting is going to start and we have to help man the applications. Immediately after the meeting, the non-teaching staff are going for some Civil Defence fire extinguishing course somewhere within the school and I was assigned the wonderful job of manning the General Office desk cum phone line. So by the time they are through with the course, it would probably be time for me to go home. That's why I'm already mentally prepared that today I won' be able to get any work done. Hopefully tommorrow I can complete 2 days worth of work... And I have another work appointment tommorrow afternoon too... Wish me luck.

Anyhow written on Feb 13, 2007 at 1:09 PM

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