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my mind is a total blank right now as I can't think of anything interesting enough for me to blog about, so I'm going out on a limb by trying to blog about any random thought that comes into my mind right about now. [Well, anything other than work that is, which would most probably bore you all to death.] So here goes...

Random Thought Number 1:
let me think... I'm thinking about how i can get more people to comment on my blog. I've registered with Bobby's bestestblog which did significantly increase my counter jump speed, [mostly from the US of A] but it seems that not many people seem to be keen on leaving a comment or 2 after visiting. [Am I really that worthless?] Did a check on the net and discovered that 90% of readers leave blogs without leaving comments, who are aptly classified as lurkers.

But judging from the stats of my counter, I have an average of 100 viewers each week, which should equate to about 10 comments each week. But sadly sometimes even getting 1 comment could be hoping from a miricle. [Apart from the Wordless Wednesday posts which get me about 2-3 comments each post]

I even tried to invite more people to comment by playing a game on my blog, but apparently only 1 good friend decided to join in on the fun. Maybe my instructions were to difficult, or maybe it's just me. Can anybody tell me where I'm going wrong?

Random Thought Number 2:
I'm thinking about turtles, or terrapins, or tortoises, or snails. Arn't they just amazing? The come born with a tiny shell on their back, but as they grow older and bigger, their shell seems to grow with them. Are they physically stuck to their shells or can they really leave their humble homes and walk about without that heavy luggage like in all those cartoons? What if their shells are cracked/damaged? Will they still have the ability to carry on with life or is the shell part of their body structure therefore they will die off when their shells are overly damaged?

Random Thought Number 3:
How do touchpads work? Ever since start my job as a Technology Assistant, I've been used to working on laptops using their sensitive regions, the touchpads. If you think about it, they are clever enough to recognise what trying to navigate that white arrow on the screen. If it's your finger, they'll do as their told, but try putting anything else on the touch pad and that little arrow is as good as dead. Even using your fingernail with some saliva [having the assumption that heat is involved here, and yes, I've tried it] reeps on fruit.

Tried to google it and apparently it has something to do with the electric charge capability of our body, but the explaination is just too much for any normal human being to effectively understand how it works. So, if it has something to do with electric capabilities, I'm wondering if an electrically or magnetically charged object can have the same effect, or rather any effect at all, that our magic hands do on those touchpads. Anybody knows of any other objects that can navigate the touchpad??

Random Thought Number 4:
Why doesn't IBM change their design strategy? Everybody knows [well, those who have experience in the computer industry at least] that if you want quality for laptops, you can never go wrong with IBM. But 1 thing still puzzles me. 14 years ago when IBM released its first laptop to the world, it was a black box. Today, when you purchase a brand new IBM laptop, it's still a black box.

No doubt that the stuff inside these black boxes are top-notch, but try telling that to non-IT savvy people. One good example will be how the teachers in my school doubt the capabilities of the IBM laptop. See, we have 2 laptops that are strictly for presentation use only. These 2 are the only ones free from all the funky software that MOE wants to include in ALL laptops. Not to mention that they have much better stats than most of the existing laptops in school. But given the choice, most teachers would prefer to take the NEC one instead of the IBM, most probably because it just looks nicer. Heck, even I prefer to use the NEC over the IBM.

This so called business strategy of IBM is obviously costing them millions of dollars in terms of lost potential customers. Yes, they want brand regonition [and they obviously succeeded very well] when people look at their products, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to try something less squarish and blackish right?

Random Thought Number 5:
How am I going to kill the last 15 minutes of my workday before I can head off to the gym for a well needed workout. Been having very sinful food these few days and to top that off, I didn't complete my normal gym routine on Tuesday because of a stupid injury and an appointment with some friends. So today will be 1.5 times the dosage of my regular gym treatment.

Ok, I've decided. I'm going to stone at my desk for the last 15 minutes until my working hours are over. Stoning begins now...

Anyhow written on Feb 1, 2007 at 3:56 PM

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