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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 5

It's time for you to rank your brains again. Come on people, we've had no official winner in 3 weeks. The prize is snowballing! That is if we even had a prize in the frist place... This week's guess-it should be slighty easier than the previous weeks. Let's all cross our toes and hope for a winner this week. Here goes...


Hint : It's obviously some kind of tissue, question is, what is it used for?

Answer will be posted on Friday Night. Good Luck~

Anyhow written on Mar 28, 2007 at 9:51 AM

24 bored people said something about this

Ok.. it must be something weird or icky. I'll guess feminine itch LOL :)

posted by Blogger Skittles : 10:28 AM

ummm wet wipes?

posted by Anonymous Rav`N : 10:40 AM

i'm going to guess facial blotter?!?

posted by Blogger BabyTalkers : 10:47 AM

Some sort of exfoliant/facial scrub

posted by Blogger Jamie : 11:11 AM

It looks like a dryer sheet, but Im gonna guess it those tissues for cleaning up spills in the car!

posted by Blogger Michelle : 12:02 PM

I bet its for the fluff you get in and around the keyboard/monitor

posted by Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum : 1:35 PM

It looks like a dryer sheet sticking out - a dispenser for dryer sheets?

posted by Anonymous Kai : 1:36 PM

for cleaning specs? But they all look like babywipes to me...

posted by Blogger Stine : 2:36 PM

Screen cleaners? . . I'm useless at this game, but there again so are all the others who play with no winner . . lol

posted by Blogger Shaz : 4:40 PM

I was going to guess some sort of eyeglass cleaners, like Stine said.

posted by Blogger Linda : 6:33 PM

I was going to guess eyeglass or some sort of lens cleaner.

Maybe if you posted pictures of food, we'd be better at guessing. ;)

posted by Anonymous Brian : 7:47 PM

Not so sure. Maybe just to blow your nose.

posted by Blogger Rebecca : 9:03 PM

It looks like tissue to clean glasses, or it is used to clean the face to get all the oil off.

Thanks for stopping by.

posted by Anonymous Ma : 9:28 PM

Looks like wet tissues to clean your ass after shitting every morning.


p/s: sorry, i know i sounded gross but it is what i thought..

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:58 PM

Ha - so many fun guesses, I was going to go along the "washing your backside" disposable wipes myself because it fits so well with a resume sticker for brown nosers!


posted by Blogger Holly : 10:42 PM

cleaning your eyeglasses!

smiles, bee

posted by Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) : 11:22 PM

Whatever it is, someone has probably already guessed it.

posted by Blogger Denise Patrick : 11:40 PM

Anti bacterial wipes? You have me wondering now!

Happy WW!

posted by Blogger YellowRose : 2:21 AM

Clearly, they're magic academic wipes...for cleaning up your resume, hiding all those pesky C grades, vanishing spelling errors, banishing typos!

Or possibly just the sort of wipes I use on leather furniture.

posted by Blogger Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson : 2:59 AM

Hand wet wipes

posted by Blogger Simone : 3:15 AM

Dryer sheets. Definitely dryer sheets!

posted by Blogger Amber : 4:27 AM

All of my guesses are taken. When do we get the answer?:)

Happy WW

posted by Anonymous melody : 10:20 AM

They look like KimWipes to me, for cleaning things like microscope lenses and other sorts of laboratory-type glassware that would be ruined if it got a scratch.

posted by Blogger Asara : 8:16 PM

Use it to clean a baby's bum?

posted by Blogger whenn : 9:15 PM
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