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Just One Of Those Days

Have you ever had those days where everything just seems to go wrong? Well, yesterday was one of those days. Woke up in the early morning with a tap for a nose due to the cold weather outside, therefore I had to eat my medication as my first meal of the day. When i reached school, I was called up to the computer labs to assist in some Computer Administration exam [read clerk-work exam]. Seems that even though I checked through the 2 labs the previous day, there were still millions of printers that were either out of ink or not printing properly.

So there I was, running between the 2 labs, solving printer problem after printer problem so that those bloody kids could print their exam submissions. Heck it was them who spoilt the printers in the first place. I mean how else could the ribbon cable inside the printer be broken and dangling out from the front of the printer? And my problems didn't end there. Only after the 2nd batch of classes came into the labs did I realise that I had lent my thumbdrive to a student of the previous class to save his work [that damn floppy drives where not working] and he didn't return it to me. Anyway after that whole episode, it was already time of lunch.

Ran up and down searching for my thumbdrive and when I finally found the boy who took it, he simply told me that the teacher had kept it for me. Well, true enough when I got back to my seat, [just before lunch] my thumbdrive was placed neaty on my laptop, making me do all that running for nothing.

Luckily there wasn't much problems for me after lunch. But wait, the story doesn't end here. Was feeling tired and down when I came back home therefore I decided to take a rollerblading trip to East Coast Park to relax myself. So I slipped on my blades and made my way along the streets to the park. Then just as I was crossing the carkpark entrance of Mandrin Gardens, [which has slopes on either side of the pavements leading to the road] a big, fat white Mercedes driven by a balding uncle almost knocked me down when he was coming out of the carpark and as I was crossing the entrance. Let me explain. The slope to the road and the exit to the main road for the cars at a 90 degree angle so I can't really see the cars that are coming out. Anyway normally there would me little or no cars coming from that exit from my experience going along that route. So as I was on blades, naturally I had to roll down the slope and just as I started to roll, I saw the fat car coming out. I tried to brake but since the slope was only like 0.5m long, I didn't get much success and only managed to stop myself directly in front of the car's path. Luckily that old uncle had the common sense to stop for me. Although he did give me a loud honking and a shake of his head.

So anyway, I finally made my way safely to the park. Oh, did I mention that I had a very uneasy feeling when I put on my blades at home? It felt extra slippery and ungrippy than usual. So there I was, happily speeding along the park's pathway taking in the sights and breeze. And as usual, the stuntman in my took preceedings over the smart man and started to jump over those pesky road humps that were supposed to make you slow down at almost every 200m or less. Note: I have been jumping humps since secondary school so it's nothing new to me. But as this day was evily bad, I finally took a digger on one of my jumps. And boy was it a hard one.

By the way, I still don't understand why they use the same, uneven material they use on roads to make the cycling/blading paths in the park. Don't they know that it hurts real bad when you fall on that type of rough surface??

Anyway, back to my story. So as I took a jump over one of the many humps, I landed on my feet but lost my balance and started falling backwards. Don't ask me why but I instinctly turned my body around so that I could better cushion my fall with my hands [i think]. Wrong move. The fall was too fast and I ended up almost face down on the path. A pretty girl on a bicycle just behind me managed to avoid running over my fingers and stopped to ask "Are you alright?" Again my ego took first place over my coomon sense and I told her it was nothing. Yeah. Nothing but me bleeding quite badly from my chin and right knee. I took many falls before but this was one of the first times where I injured my chin on a fall. After washing off all the red, I managed to blade around without incident for another half hour before making my way back home.

And it was only at home when I realised that the cut on my chin was actually quite deep. I couldn't really see it clearly even in the mirror because it was somewhere behind the up-arching portion of the chin. But when I got home to the toilet, I saw that the bleeding hasn't really stopped. And it didn't really stop until this morning even with all the pressure and tissue applied to the wound. It's hard to imagine that a small little hole the size of a 0.5 mechanical pencil lead could lead to so much blood lost. Here's a few photos of my injuries...

Ouch 1

Ouch 2

Ouch 3

Yucky right? And that's ain't the end of it either! After dinner I proceeded with my usual gaming.I was gaming halfway when this damn Acer laptop overheated again and went to a blank screen with a poop! Again this was not the first time, but it gets really frustrating when you email those idiots at Acer who send you a case ID but never get back to you for months about solving your problem. Anyway, I did some research on the net and it seems that many people with this laptop are experiencing this problem too. One of them said that he defragged his laptop and suddenly the fan came to life. And he hasn't had overheating problems since then. So I thought, what the heck, and gave defragging a try. And guess what, left it on almost overnight only to find out that it got stuck at 19% and didn't move on after that.

Well, at least today's a new day and I doubt there will be any other day that can be worse than all those things that happened to me yesterday... Wish me luck.

Anyhow written on May 12, 2007 at 7:21 AM

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