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(More Than) 25 Random Things About Me...

Someone tagged me in this Random MeMe on facebook. So I decided, what the heck, let's just copy the whole chunk onto my blog. At first it was suppose to stop at 25, then I wondered how many more points I could add until my mind finally went blank. So here's the extended list of 25 Random things about me...

1. I am confident, sometimes overconfident.

2. I am NOT short. You guys are just too tall.

3. I am a Cancerian Crab. Hard on the outside, but tender and soft on the inside.

4. I am a wooden block. People say I have low EQ. I say I have NO EQ.

5. I am a thinker.

6. I love bright colours. My favourite colour is orange.

7. I like to be in the limelight.

8. But I keep to myself most of the time.

9. I have attained the highest level of the "1 ear in, 2 ears out"-jitsu.

10. I believe... in myself. And so must you. "You must believe...." (aka Master OoGui from Kungfu Panda)

11. I have the gambling luck of a banana in a chimpanzee enclosure.

12. I am not a fighter.

13. But piss me off enough and there will only be 2 hits. "Me hitting u, You hitting the floor."

14. I can solve the Rubik's Cube.

15. I can juggle, sometimes.

16. I hate losing.

17. I am not a conversation starter.

18. I can only tell 'cold' jokes.

19. I am very, very, very picky when it comes to clothes. Did I mention very, very picky?

20. I cannot live without games.

21. I cannot sit around and do nothing, not for even 1 minute.

22. I eat junk food when I'm bored. Loads of it.

23. But I'm very particular of any signs of tummy fats.

24. I think my left eye is short-sighted while my right eye is long-sighted.

25. I cannot stand lazy people with no self-discipline.

26. I is very good at English and has a astounishing vocab. I is just don't liking to shows off.

27. But my spelling sucks.

28. I can down an entire can of soft drink in 1 go. Without burping.

29. I can burp at will.

30. I like to sing. Both english and chinese songs will do.

31. I sing in the shower.

32. I like to dance.

33. But I think I suck at dancing.

34. I dance in the shower too.

35. I am not afraid of falling.

36. I am not afraid of creepy crawlies but I hate that squishy feeling when u squash one.

37. I need a tan.

38. I am a gaming fanatic.

39. I have owned the old-school Nintendo, GameBoy, GameBoy Colour, GameGear, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Playstation, Playstation 2 and XBOX.

40. Then I found out about online games and the rest is history.

41. My laptop is part of me. I can't live without it.

42. I'm not rich, I just have a lot of stuff.

43. Style and practicality are equally important to me.

44. I cannot draw a nice, smooth and squiggle-less circle to save my life.

45. I hate it when people are better than me at things that I think I'm good at.

46. Speed is my forte. And sometimes my weakness.

47. I live by the 'Just-In-Time' policy.

48. I am a very light sleeper. I wake up on my alarm clock's FIRST beep.

49. I have a sensitive nose.

50. I had childhood asthma when I was young. Thankfully I outgrew it.

Ok, I think I shall stop here or I'll never be able to finish my assignment that I'm supposed to finish by tonight. Feel free to redo this quiz and tell me (More Than)25 Random Things about yourself too.

Anyhow written on Jan 31, 2009 at 4:20 PM

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