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The Time Is Now

Exams are over. The results have already be confirmed once I left the exam hall. They only haven't been inked down by those grumpy lecturers in the UK. Now it's their turn to work and my turn to play. My only worry is whether I'll be able to keep up the perfect record of straight As. 3 out of 4 of the papers shouldn't be a problem getting that elusive A, it's only one paper that I'm worried about. Oh well, all we can do now is sit back, relax and pray for the best. I must believeeeee...

Yesterday I found out that staying at home all day does not constitute to a fun and relaxing day. Even though I was on the laptop for almost the entire day, the only thing I was doing was:

1. Clicking the MouseHunt horn every 15 minutes

2. Checking the facebook homepage for interesting updates I can like/comment about every 2 minutes

3. Alternating between playing Word Challenge and Bejewelled Blitz, depending on the waiting time remaining for the next MouseHunt horn.

4. Playing with my Rubik's cube.

Yes. Say it. I have no life. I totally agree. It was freaking boring and many a time I would just slump on my bed, sink in and sulk for 15 minutes, until my timer sounded.

But today will be different. I have promised myself that I will be stepping out of the house no matter what. Even if nobody wants to go out with me, I'll just make my way down to ECP for a nice solo rollerblading session.

Which leaves the only unanswered question, what company in the right mind would want to hire me for a temp job when I have to 'fulfill my duties to the nation' at the end of July, which leaves me with an effective available working period of only slightly more than 1½ months. Anyone got any job lobangs?

Anyhow written on May 22, 2009 at 11:28 AM

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awww... don't get down about it! first day of hols is always the worst unless u have planeed stuff 2 do in advance liked dat blog tho u still stayed positive (:

posted by Blogger janeybabyxoxox : 9:18 PM
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