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My Laptop Died On Me

Stupid HP laptop died on me this morning. Seems that it thinks that the network card within it that is used to connect to the wireless network is missing. Or rather, it doesn't even know that it should exist. And the strange thing was, that it was still working fine just 8 hours ago the previous night.

So anyway, now I'm stuck having to use the 'family' laptop, which is supposed to be placed in the living room for my parents use. The one with loads of problems and requires loads of 'special treatment'.

The one that easily overheats and will suddenly give the "black screen of death" if not cooled with the aid of an exteral cooler.

The one that only has USB ports on the right side of the laptop, which is the side where I have to plug my wireless mouse adapter and also the side where the mouse is. Causing me to knock into the adapter ever so often when switching my right hand from the mouse to the keyboard.

The one that has this quirky habit of losing the wireless connection due to pressure on the area where the wireless card is located, which is also the area where my left palm rests, causing me to 'float' my palm above the keyboard when I'm using it.

I think a picture would better explain the situation.

Acer Treatment

Acer Treatment

This is what I mean by the 'floating' hand

The good people at HP will be collecting my faulty laptop tommorrow, [technically TODAY, since it's already past midnight] and it takes them up to 5 working days just to replace 1 stupid card. So I guess I will have to continue this special treatment for another week before I can get my precious back.

Well, at least it's more motivation for me to stop using the laptop and concentrate more on my studies. Exams are around the corner, but I don't feel any urgency at all. I realy need to start mugging soon. Oh, and by the way, I've uped the ante a little, challenging myself not just to get a B grade average, but instead to keep up with my first year results and graduate with straight As. Should be chicken feet if I could just get myself to start studying soon...

Anyhow written on Apr 24, 2009 at 1:42 AM

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