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The End of One Journey is the Start of Another

Been a long time since I updated. Since I have nothing better to do between spamming resumes and kicking butt in DOTA, I suppose I should revive this almost dead blog.

GRADUATED... unofficially for now.
Part of the reason why the previous post was dated 5th February. [What? It has been THAT long already?] It's a miracle that blogger didn't just delete my blog all together. Anyway, I've been super busy since February. As if 2 assignments for each of my 5 modules wasn't enough, [luckily maths didn't have assignments] they had to throw in an additional Final Year Project too.

Practically became lovers with my laptop for these 3 months, it being the first thing I look for when I wake up and the last thing I turn off before I go to bed. And that is crazy even by MY crazy gaming standards.

But it's finally all over now. And I finally have some time to breathe. In fact, lots of time to breathe now. Reaching the end of your study life is like a double-edged sword. On one hand you feel relieved that it's all over, but once the joy of closure dies down, you suddenly realise that you are effectively lost with no direction or goals to focus your efforts on.

Speaking of exams, I suppose my dream of getting straight As is probably still just gonna be a dream. The papers this year were full of unexpected stunts from the examiners, even though we are the last batch of students taking these modules before they do a major overhaul of the subjects. I'm suspecting that it's a big conspiracy that they are trying to make more students fail this year so that they have to retake the modules that we have taken, which will probably not be available to the next batches of students, hence have more modules and thus squeezing more money from us.

Anyway, failure is not an option for this old man. And definitely not something that I will be expecting to see on my result slips. I'm still praying for a repeat of my past 2 years straight A results, but the possibility of a couple of Bs popping up is very very high. Hopefully they won't prevent me from attaining my first class honours. Hopefully...

Anyone wants to employ me? I'll be a good little employee. I promise.
Been spamming resumes to potential companies in the IT sector hoping that one of them might decide that they needed someone like me. So far I have only secured one interview, which was 1 day after my final paper no less, but since then they haven't gotten back to me and I've almost given up hope on them. Anyone have any job lobangs for a fresh grad looking for a web development or systems development job? Or even better a job in the gaming industry? [Yes, I'm that shameless, blatantly advertising myself in the open]

Almost all of those IT companies I've seen so far are looking for a person with at least 1 or 2 years experience in the relevant fields. Hello? In that case who is gonna hire us fresh grads? And were are we supposed to gain 1 to 2 years experience in an industry that requires minimum 1 to 2 years experience?

Boredom. The Brother of Invention.
Since Necessity and Laziness have taken up the mother and father roles, I hereby add 1 more member to the Invention family. Boredom. When you are sitting at home, sick and tired of spamming resumes but at the same time don't really feel like playing games, you start to imagine. And imagination begets invention. Ok, granted this is not something entirely new, and I have done this many a time, but still, creating something out of nothing is still considered inventing.

Since I suck at the art of, well, art, I've become more inclined to prefer using a mouse rather than a pencil. On a computer screen u can adjust the angles of shapes and lines and have that all important ctrl Z undo function literally at your fingertips. Not being a student of language nor arts, I understand that some people might feel that both my drawings and literature suck. Well, too bad. I like killing time by drawing random stuff on my computer. And I love making poems out of my drawings. It gives that additional spice to the picture you know.

So without further ado, I present to you my latest creation. The Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel

Anyhow written on May 31, 2010 at 5:04 PM

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