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Bowling Good Times

Yesterday was Pipi's good friend's birthday so the bunch of them [plus me, the boyfriend] met up to celebrate for her. Well, there wasn't really much celebration, rather just a simple lunch at HANS and than a few games of bowling after that. Oh, and as usual, girls being girls, they sat down at a cafe for a few good hours to chat up about each other's lives.

But I was quite surprised that my bowling skills hasn't deteriorated ever after such a long absence from the lanes. My first round was nothing to brag about since I didn't even hit 100, but my second round got my close to my average score when I was bowling almost once every week during my secondary school days. I got a wooping 138 for my second game after not touching a bowling ball for almost half a year maybe?

And I owe all this to my dad, in a strange sort of way. I still remember when I was a little Anyhow, short, [ok, I'm still short, but I was way shorter back than] kuku glasses and super nerdy-looking. My dad used to bring me bowling almost every other week. He taught me the basics, the walk, the swing and the final pose [complete with the throwing side leg curtsied over to the other side], but try as he might, he could never get me to throw a straight ball. My ball would always stray to the left or right when ever I stood in the middle of the lane.

Few months from that, I saw professional hook bowlers on TV and I was literally hooked. The style, power and striking ability they had was just so cool. And from that moment on, I told myself that I was going to be a hook bowler too. of course, I didn't have the moeny to make a personal hook ball, hence I ended up trying to master the art of hooking with house balls. Which kinda made me look like a noob, throwing almost 50% of my throws into the gutters and 80% of the remaining balls would only hit a maximum of 5 pins, resulting in scores much less than my straight bowling.

This invoked a lot of comments from my dad. Everytime I throw a hook ball, the same wise words would come from his mouth, "House balls are not ment for throwing hook balls! You need fingertip balls to do that! Stop wasting money by throwing all the balls into the gutter!" Well, a well known sports company once advertised "Impossible is a just a big word created by small men who use it as an excuse for something that they can't do. Impossible is NOTHING" Or something to that extent. Well dad, look at me now, throwing hooks with normal looking house balls like nobody's business. Ask Pipi if you don't believe that I got 138 by hooks, even for those pesky number 7 and 10 pins at the corner of the lanes. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it.

So anybody up for a round of bowling or 2 just gimmie a buzz ok?

Anyhow written on Apr 9, 2007 at 10:53 AM

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