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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 7

Ok people time for this week's guess-it. Believe me, I didn't know what it was when I saw it too.

Guess It 7

HINT : It is about the size of a 15 inch CRT Monitor

Answer will be posted on Friday's post. Good luck!

Anyhow written on Apr 18, 2007 at 10:55 AM

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I can't decide whether it's the first ever video "player" or for home movies! happy WW

posted by Blogger Shaz : 2:50 PM

Don't you have a smaller size ? I would like to watch a football (soccer) game on that when they players have the size of flees and the ball is a point !

Thanks for your comment. I never generalize nationalities or colors. Everywhere there are good and bad or mad or normal people. When I was younger I experienced that ALL Germans were bad. Although I was born after the war and had never had the pleasure to meet old Hitler !

posted by Blogger Gattina : 3:49 PM

I don't know what it is either, but I know it's your WW submission LOL

Thanks for stopping by!

posted by Anonymous Gabrielle : 4:59 PM

I'd guess some sort of video player/recorder and tv rolled into one. maybe a "portable" one?

posted by Anonymous Rav`N : 6:50 PM

how bout a video phone?

posted by Blogger Lazy Daisy : 7:17 PM

I have no's a rather odd contraption though.

posted by Blogger Rebecca : 8:10 PM

It's a Audio Film Projector.

This one was way to easy.

posted by Blogger letha : 9:46 PM

Man.. I guess.. a video projector :)

posted by Blogger Asara : 9:55 PM

Yeah, I was gonna say projector too...but that's too easy it can't be right.
Will have to pop in Friday to find out. :)

Thanks for dropping in on my WW.

posted by Blogger Crazy Working Mom : 10:36 PM

It's a projector

posted by Blogger TeaMouse : 11:38 PM

Hmmm interesting. Thanks for sharing happy WW.

Angel Mama

posted by Blogger Pearls of Wisdom : 1:48 AM

Interesting. Not sure what it is, but I guess there is no harm in trying.

Maybe some sort of TV/video recorder rolled into one. I don't know.

posted by Blogger Jarid & Caydon's Wishlist : 2:42 AM

It looks like the (very) old TV, cassette player, FM radio combo my mother used to have on her vanity so she could watch the news while getting ready in the morning.

Thanks for visiting my WW!

posted by Blogger Amelia Elias : 3:55 AM

my guess is a Audio Film Projector
Happy WW

posted by Blogger KC : 4:05 AM

And thee was I thinking I was a high tech computer from Blakes 7 or such aprog. Ah well an audio film prjector wll ahve to do instead!

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 4:29 AM

My initial thought was some sort of electronic circuit tester device but then I decided to had to be some sort of video playback type device instead. Either way, I'm not sure!

posted by Blogger Linda : 4:42 AM

How about a Audio Film Projector Viewer?

posted by Blogger Comedy + : 6:15 AM



I'm guessing its one old model of a Karaoke machine. Yup, I feel pretty good about this one. . .

posted by Blogger Michelle : 12:14 AM
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