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I Forget My Handphone

Today is one of the few days that I managed to forget to bring my handphone out. Normally I would feel very akward if I leave my house without my handphone or my wallet but today that feeling only came to me on the bus.

Speaking of handphones, unless you are living in an extremely technologically backward country where they still use pigeons to send Short Messages and drop a shit or 2 on your enemies in the the process, you would have realised that the handphones of today can do much more than what they were primarily invented to do. Some of them have built-in cameras that can out-snap stand-alone cameras bought 2 years ago, while others have the capability to become a stand-in Ipod or now even a portable sound system.

I can understand why you need a built-in camera to bring with you where ever you go cos you don't really know when you might spot a Kodak moment but yet do not have a camera with you. But the idea of using your handphone as an Ipod? If you're like me who loves to have his music whenever he travels from point A to point B and vice versa, I bet your handphone battery won't even last you through the day. And I can't believe how people can say that the sound quality from the handphone can match that of a full-fledged MP3 player. Apart from Sony Ericsson, no other brands of handphone speakers can even come close to the sound quality produced by an MP3 player, let alone match it. As for using earphones, I don't know cos I'm not an avid fan of my music from a handphone.

And speaking about forgetting handphones, I suspect I can actually tell the future sometimes. Take today for example. When I came out of the shower, I took a look at my handphone on my desk and said to myself: "If I don't take it now, I'm sure to forget to bring it to work." Normally this thought doesn't even cross my mind on a typical day. But coincidently on this day, after that thought crossed my mind, I proceeded to turn on the laptop and do a bit of surfing, totally forgetting to put my handphone in my pocket the same way I do everyday. And true enough, only after I left home and boarded the bus to work, I finally realised that my premonition came true... again. Cos this was not the first time something like this happened.

Another incident was when I was on the bus to work, I unconciously took my handphone from my pocket and placed it on my lap. Again, something I don't normally do on normal days. Then this thought came to mind "Would I forget that my handphone is there, and just stand up and walk off leaving my handphone on the floor?" I immediately shrugged it off, telling myself that I would not forget my phone. And guess what happened? Yup, u got it. EXACTLY THE SAME THING!

And this one was the best of all. Again I put my handphone on my lap, but this time I was used to it cos I have been doing so for a few months now. As I was seated at the rear end of the bus, I noticed this metal plating on the floor with many grooves on it and immediately another thought came to mind "If my handphone were to drop there face down, it would surely be scratched beyond repair." And then guess what happened? I reached my stop, stood up, completely forgetting that my phone was on my lap, took the first step forward before noticing a flying handphone, and I managed to land my handphone face down on the plate and at the same time, step on it and slide it about 2 cm across the metal plating. Yup. Just as the mirror on wall said.

If I can predict the future so well, why can I just predict a couple of 4D numbers?

Anyhow written on Apr 13, 2007 at 10:32 AM

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