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And the Answer Is...

Here's the answer to this week's WW : Guess-It. Seems like the everyone was split between 2 sides this week, some going for pencil sharpener while the rest thought it was an air freshener. Who's right and who's wrong? Or might even be neither of theses two! Scroll down to find out the answer!

Puffer 1

This is the rear view of our cute little thing...

Puffer 2

And this is what it looks like from the bottom... See that container with yellowish liquid?

Yup, you guessed it. It's a automatic timed air freshener that shoots out a scented breath of perfume every few minutes with a cute little "puff" sound. Not sure if you saw the advert before but it was cute the way the kid counted the number of puffs till about 1700+, even while he was in the toilet.

You guys seem to be getting good at this. This week we've got loads of people who hit the jackpot. Keep it up! Kudos to Melanie, Simone, Michelle and Shaz for getting it right.

And today's Humourous Award goes out to Linda for that cute guess :

"How about a combination room freshener/pencil sharpener that fragrances the room with the smell of freshly sharpened pencils whenever you tap it???"

By the way, I'm still waiting for more people to submit their own Guess-It pictures so we all can join in on the fun. So far I've only received 1 submission, which will be posted this coming Wednesday, but I could use a few more. It's easy, I've modified the sending of pictures part so even I can have a chance to play too. Here are the rules:

Just drop an email to that includes at least 1 picture for the Guess-It and a short hint. Don't reveal the answer yet cos I wanna have a go too. Then drop me another email with a picture or two for the answer and a short desciption of the item when it's time to reveal the answer. You can send me both emails at the same time if you wanna, I promise not to peak. Just make sure the subject states that it's the answer so I won't accidently open it. Let's share more WW : Guess-Its!

Watch our for our very first Guest's Guess-It this coming Wednesday!

Anyhow written on May 4, 2007 at 12:50 PM

5 bored people said something about this

Yeah for me!!

posted by Blogger Melanie : 8:04 PM

I will have to try harder next week, lol. I will look around and see what I can submit for your guest Guess-It submission.

Have a great day, Biker Betty :)

posted by Blogger Biker Betty : 8:52 PM

darn! better luck next time, i guess. ;)

posted by Blogger ribbiticus : 11:17 PM

Would you like a picture of a bizzare tool?

posted by Blogger vanishingword : 9:29 AM

Sure. Just send it in to

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 11:32 AM
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