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Wordless Wednesday : Guess-It 8

Guess what this is!

Guess-It 8

Hint : It's main usage comes from that hole on top

Answer will be posted on Friday! Good luck.

P.S. I'm still waiting for you guys to send in your WW : Guess-It pictures and solutions so we can all have more fun guessing each other's weird items! It's easy, juts drop an email to including at least 1 picture for the Guess-It, 1 for the answer and a short description of the item. Well, actually, you can just send me the picture for the guess-it and send the answer when it's due so even I can have some fun guessing.

Anyhow written on May 2, 2007 at 11:00 AM

15 bored people said something about this

Gee I may be the first poster. I've missed not doing this as I couldn't post for quite a few weeks. I'm guessing a "pencil sharpener."

Happy Wednesday,
Biker Betty :)

posted by Blogger Biker Betty : 1:21 PM

Looks a bit like one of those child's toys you look through for pictures to me, but I'm sure I'm wrong!

posted by Blogger Alison : 2:22 PM

THe hole says pencil sharpener to me but I daresay I'm well off the mark!

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 3:13 PM

Well... I didn't think Biker Betty's way ... but it could be that too. I was thinking a room atomizer? (shoots a puff of scent into the room if you tap it? Maybe?)

posted by Blogger Melli : 5:59 PM

is it a vaporizer? or a facial steamer? will definitely come back friday for the answer! my ww's up! ;)

posted by Blogger ribbiticus : 7:46 PM

I think it's an air freshener- one of those ones that puffs out the fragrance every few minutes.

posted by Blogger Melanie : 8:24 PM

My first thought is air freshener as well. Will come back if another idea springs to mind


Seems like the guess are split between my two idea! I think pencil sharpener would be too obvious - so I am gonna guess an anir freshner.

posted by Blogger Michelle : 9:45 PM

I guess that it blows air on to your freshly painted fingernails to help them dry faster.

posted by Anonymous Alissa : 10:13 PM

i'm sticking with pencil sharpener.

posted by Blogger Stacie : 10:32 PM

Everyone seems to think pencil sharpner so I'll go with that.

posted by Blogger TeaMouse : 12:02 AM

An air-freshner!

posted by Blogger Shaz : 12:31 AM

How about a combination room freshener/pencil sharpener that fragrances the room with the smell of freshly sharpened pencils whenever you tap it???

posted by Blogger Linda : 3:39 AM

Pencil sharpener. Have a happy WW ♥

posted by Blogger Comedy + : 6:14 AM

hmmm I say pencil sharpener too...LOL
This is neat! Thanks for sharing and Happy WW.

Angel ( Angel Mama Pearls of Wisdom)

posted by Blogger Pearls of Wisdom : 6:57 AM
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