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Extended Holiday

Yes, I'm supposed to be on "Holiday mode" until school starts at the end of July, but I only just found out this week that the courses that start on 30th of July do not include my course. My friends have already attended a course briefing and are already preparing to start applying for their subjects, while I am still lazing around at home, without a single word or letter from SIM.

Got to calling them on Monday and that was when I found out that my course will be starting later that the other business courses and the course briefing will only be held on the 14th of August. Which means that the actual lessons will only start at least 2 or 3 weeks after that... Which also means that I have involunteeringly extended my 1 month holiday to a 2 and a half month one. Well, I guess that just leaves me more time get back into shape.

Just came back from the so-called orientation of SIM. Nothing much really. Most of it was just walking around the center of SIM, looking at all the CCA booths set up trying to impress the freshmen and get them to sign-up. Well, I actually did sign up for some. Signed up for the trail HipHop dance lesson for $8 whole bucks to see if I could kick it, and also signed up for information regarding school wakeboarding sessions which will obviously burn a hole in my pocket if they make it real frequent. Other than that we were just basically walking around and admiring the students.

After that we went to The Cathay Cineplex to catch Die Hard 4.0. After the thrilling 2+ hour movie, I have concluded the following facts...

1. Bruce Willis is God. He will not die no matter what. [Hence the title]

2. Maggie Q is HOT. Even when she was seconds away from death.

3. Cars can be used as weapons to destroy helicopters and F-15 fighter jets.

4. There are always "star" bad guys in movies. In this case a kung-fu Asian babe and a ninja-like pakour expert.

5. The cops will only arrive at the scene when the whole show is over and the bad guys have all been killed.

Go watch it. It's another great Die Hard movie. I'm still amazed at how he killed the big boss.

Anyhow written on Jul 10, 2007 at 6:36 PM

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Glad you liked it. I've heard lots of good things about it. I've not seen it yet. Maybe soon I'll go see it. Seems like a good one to watch on the big screen!!

posted by Anonymous crazy working mom : 6:41 PM
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