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Wordless Wednesday : GuestStar Guess-It 3

Sadly I don't have any picture today due to today being the last day of work for me. Scroll down for more details on my last day of work.

But luckily for us,today we still have our regular supporter Shaz who had submitted another Guess-It some time ago. Sadly though, this is the last of the Guess-It submissions I've recieved. Time for more i hope?

So without further ado, here's Shaz with her Guest-Star Guess-It.


Hint : My guess was it was a funkly coloured display piece of a nose.

Answer will be posted on Friday's post.

And here's a quick snap from something around my laptop right now...

Girl Supporters

These 2 girls cheer me on everytime I'm on the laptop gaming or working

Anyhow written on Jun 27, 2007 at 5:00 PM

19 bored people said something about this

I'm going to guess the first is a bottle opener, but that's the best I can do!

posted by Anonymous Alison : 5:25 PM

I hope some other bloggers come up with guess it's as I'm also running out of novalty items . . . .lol. Happy WW x x

posted by Blogger Shaz : 5:58 PM

hmmmm, no clue! Happy WW!

posted by Blogger palmtreefanatic : 7:16 PM

no idea, sorry.

smiles, bee

posted by Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) : 8:34 PM

I really have no idea, so I'll come up with a random guess. It is a type of kitchen timer.

posted by Blogger Aldon Hynes : 8:52 PM

I think it's toy or a small figurine.

posted by Blogger lissa : 9:02 PM

I don't have any idea!

posted by Blogger Melanie : 9:17 PM

Lovely pictures. Happy WW.

posted by Blogger Jarid & Caydon's Wishlist : 11:07 PM

I am SO not good at this. I don't even have a guess...but I'll be back to find out what it is!!

Thanks for dropping by.

posted by Blogger Crazy Working Mom : 11:38 PM

I am not good at this either as you can tell...LOL But will be back to find out what it is.

Have a wonderful week and Happy WW.

Smiles and Blessings,

Angel Mama ():)

posted by Blogger Pearls of Wisdom : 11:43 PM

I'm with you...a nose. Though if you're going to duplicate ugly body parts, why not go for the toes?....

posted by Blogger Amber : 12:10 AM

I'm terrible at these things. A cow! Have a great WW. :)

posted by Blogger Comedy + : 12:48 AM

Nice cheerleaders!

Lets take a guess - mmmmm

an animal figurine?

posted by Blogger Simone ( Exercising for comments) : 12:50 AM

Looks like the back of a female figurine. Is she praying?
Please please lemme get it right.... I wanna win!!!! Hahaha...

posted by Anonymous ditzyqueen : 2:25 AM

I'm so glad I was sort of right last time!! YEAH!

No idea on this one. It could be the back of a figurine like ditzyqueen suggests. I will guess that! Maybe a piece from a nativity scene?? Or a nose. haha


posted by Blogger MorningSong : 3:09 AM

No idea but it looks like it has a big yellow nose!

posted by Blogger jams o donnell : 3:33 AM

A potato chip clip?

But I know who the Sailor Moon figurines are, does that count??

posted by Blogger Linda : 5:25 AM


posted by Blogger Starrlight : 7:29 AM

*shudder* sailor moon. :P

posted by Anonymous Rav`N : 10:54 AM
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