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My First Day Of Freedom

Woohoo. Woke up at 10am for the first time in many months today. And I even could afford to lazy around on the bed for another half hour before pulling myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth. [Jealous already?]

So today was my first day of many with a whole 24 hours to spend however I liked. After grabbing a quick bite from the kitchen, I slipped on my blades and headed out the East Coast Park just behind my current place. Spent about 2 hours plus blading to and fro along the park paths. Sad to say, today was not a very lucky day at the park. I had a total of 0 sightings of pretty ladies on wheels. Yup. Zip. Nato. Ko-song. A whole 2 hours of blading and not a single eye candy to be seen in sight. But I did see something less spectacular. A group of uncles having a day out at the beach.

There was this group of almost 10 uncles, complete with beer-bellys, curly hair, saggy man-breasts and the rest of the works, having a ball of a time splashing around the coastline and occassionally running up to the shore to grab a you-tiao to munch on. Yes, believe me, it was not the prettiest sight. Luckily they were decent enough to wear swim shorts instead of those sexy triangle trunks, which might have caused more than a few crashes on the cycling paths near them. I was tempted to whip out my phone and snap a shot but I was worried that my phone would hang at such an awe-inspiring sight. And on my way back from the park, I took the wrong exit and ended up making one big round around the world just to get back home.

After a self-bought lunch, I sat myself down in front of my laptop and started with some mapling. Yes kiddos, I'm back to mapling. Since there ain't nothing better to kill time with compared to Maplestory, I have fallen back into the addictive trap. After training for 3 hours with 2 times experience provided by the Maple 2nd anniversary, I was lucky enough to be able to level up. Right now Mr GreenSnail is at level 97, trying to get to level 100 before the end of the week where they will remove the free 2 times experience slots [damn]. And maybe after that I will quit Maple again. Suprising my account was still in tack and was not hacked in by anyone during my close to 1 year of inactivity.

The 2 times experience ended at 4.30, and so did my training. After which, got down to some serious business and gave myself a long owed workout. 100 twist sit-ups and 100 leg raises with 50 knuckle push-ups for dessert. And that brings us to the current time slot of 5+ pm. I guess it will be back to the laptop and DOTA after dinner.

This would most probably be my daily routine for the entire month. Hopefully I can gain back my 6-pack before the start of school. Maybe I need to increase my daily work-out quota too. Wish me luck...

Anyhow written on Jun 28, 2007 at 5:08 PM

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