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Finally finished the 1-week long roadshow at Tampines. It's been a long time since I've done a Sony roadshow. Sure was blast working with old friends. And to top that off, I even made some new ones. The only set back was that by the end of the week, me legs were ready to disintigrate due to the long hours of standing around.

It's amazing what you can see when you are stationed at the same spot for an entire week. I have always thought that Tampines is the most happening place in Singapore and I have been proven right by the events that took place last week. And by happening, I don't mean those simple stuff like having loads of people shopping around or being a cool place to hang out at.

Here's a quick list of events that happened during the week.

Monday, 6 Aug 2007 - Around late afternoon, MRT services were disrupted, by a disturbing event. I don't know the actual details but through the gossip going around, seems like some teenage girl was being chased by some guy [friendly or not I do not know] along the MRT platform when she slipped and fell onto the tracks of the incoming train. I shall not elaborate on what happens next. Anyway, afterwhich, everybody was watching as police cars and ambulances arrived on the scene.

Tuesday, 7 Aug 2007 - One of the rare peaceful days we had during the week.

Wednesday, 8 Aug 2007 - Eve of National Day, loads and crap loads of secondary school students roaming around Tampines Mall due to the half-day school. Around late afternoon, the hussle and bustle of the crowds was suddenly disrupted with the arrival of an ambulance. Not soon after, a secondary school girl, still decked out in her her top and school uniform skirt, was wheeled out on a wheelchair, with her leg in a cast. Gossip mongers again told us that she fell on the escalator while playing around with her friends and managed to snap her ankle or something.

Thursday, 9 Aug 2007 - National Day. Sales were skyrocketing and stock was flying off the counter. But that's beside the point. The main event of the day was a major jam on that tiny road along Tampines Mall and Century Square caused by an impatient taxi driver and an uncle with a non-giving-way driving attitude. The result : The bumper of the taxi embedded in the left front door of that stupid uncle's car. Causing the already usually packed 3-lane road to become a tiny 1-lane funnel with a massive tailback all the way to the main road.

Friday, 10 Aug 2007 - Another visit by and ambulance but this time the reason was not made known to us. Othe than that, just a normal boring day.

Saturday, 11 Aug 2007 - The Monopoly Man mascot spotted making his rounds around Tampines.

Sunday, 12 Aug 2007 - Beautiful spectrum of uncapturable-by-camera colours blazing across the cloudy sky during the early evening.

Oh, did I mention that I also got 3 airbrush tattos done during the roadshow? Cool stuff, and totally free too...

Pegasus Tatoo

Star Tatoo

Spider Tatoo

Anyhow written on Aug 13, 2007 at 1:02 PM

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Spray on tattoos. In the world of ever changing relationships it will make the change from Rebbecca to Joan , all the more easier. Gone will be the months of cursing and fist shaking. Wash off, spray on, you're done! lol!

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