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Quiet Weekend

For once in a long time, things have been rather quiet this weekend. No birthday parties, no lunches or dinners, no roadshows to torture my legs on and definitely no project deadlines that need rushing.

Instead, it was a serene weekend of mostly movie visits. Went to watch Nanny Diaries on Saturday with ah Soon and Resident Evil : Extinction on Sunday with pipi's sister and boyfriend. Both shows were ok, but none of them was really awe inspiring to me. So far, I can say that all the movies I've watched fall into either one of these categories:

1. Mindless Comedy : Illogical madness that keeps you laughing but which you also know will never happen in real life. [E.G. Balls of Fury, The Simpsons]

2. Killing Sprees : 1 hero, many bad guys, even more dead bodies. Oh, did I mention that the hero almost never dies? [E.G. Resident Evil, Shoot'em Up, Die Hard series]

3. Love Stories : Where love transends all boundaries. Yeah, right. [E.G. 200 Pound Beauty, The Lakehouse]

4. Keep-Me-Up Shows : All scary, ghostly, hauntly and monsterly movies go here. [E.G. The Ring, The Eye, Vacancy]

5. Cartoons : Cutely animated movies that try to include some aspects of human life into those pixelated characters. Notice 'The Simpons' does not fall under this category. [E.G. Finding Nemo, Ratatoulle, Toy Story]

6. Sci-Fi : As a favourite character of mine would say : "To Infinity, and Beyond!" [E.G. Starwars Saga, iRobot]

7. Rojak : A popular Singaporean dish that mixes whatever ingredients you have on hand with whatever sauces you have in your cupboard. And that's what the movie becomes. Sometimes tasty, sometimes nasty. [E.G. Nanny Diaries, Ocean's Eleven, Twelve]

And for the first time in history, the stupid usher at the cinema entrance asked to check my age for a NC16 movie! What the hell! I would fully understand if it was a M18 or R21 movie. Because of my boyish charms people often mistake me for someone younger and cuter, but NC16??? Don't I look older than a bloody 16 year old kid who has just finished his 'O' levels and is trying to sneak into a R21 show??

NOTE TO SELF : Custom print a T-Shirt that says

"I'm already over the legal fuckable age! So don't bother checking my IC."

Anyhow written on Oct 15, 2007 at 1:04 PM

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