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Sleep Deprived

Last night was a blast. Just wanna say happy birthday to Wank Shank aka Mr Tattoo, and congrats for getting super wasted last night. Met up with the usual gang after school and headed down to PS to have dinner with more of the gang. The original plan was to have Fei Qui Xiao Long Bao [not suggested by me] but in the end after a lengthy discussion and lots of other possible dining suggestions we finally headed down to Crystal Jade at PS although they didn't have Xiao Long Baos there.

As usual there were latecomers, [not the ususal suspect though] and we had to wait for them before we could start chowing down. Had a semi-filling dinner which cost each of us around $20 bucks and then headed down to Zouk for further celebrations.

This was the first time I stepped into a club after the 1st July smoking ban was put in place at all nightclubs. And I must agree with my cousins that the music was substantually louder, visibility much clearer and smoke pollution level at a minimum, apart from the occassional whish of cool vapourised water blasted out onto the dance floor. Finally I could go home from a club not smelling like I spent half my life in the ssmoking rooms of our world-class Changi Airport, where all the water in the air-purifier is a disguisting state of semi-solid black water.

As expected the birthday boy was flooded with drinks from start till end, well mostly in the start, cos by midnight he was already a drunken mess [Read : Weak Drinker]. Meeting more alcholic friends and relatives around the club didn't help much either. Let's see, if my maths serve me correctly, he had a total of 3 flaming lambos, 2 tequila shots and half a ta-ed jug of screwdriver plus a few sips from other jugs before his brain left for a vacation. Not really a lot if you asked me. Anyway, anybody that went to the toilet/moved aside to answer the phone or even just left his sight for 5 minutes would get the same greeting when they returned...

"HEY! You very familiar!!! [insert name] ah???!!What you doing here??!!"

The rest of the night didn't last too long as by 2am our happy birthday boy was on his back outside of Zouk snoring away. So we finally made our way home from there.

Oh, and I think i'm getting too old for Zouk, or maybe just mambo. I feel less and less joy going down on Wednesdays to see the same people on the same platforms, performing the same dance step routines along with the same music everytime I go down [even though it's not very often]. And the drinks are freaking expensive and suspiciously taste like they put 99% mixer to 1% alcohol in them. And to add to the distress, down on the dance floor, you don't even have enough free space to lift a finger, less said about dancing. So the next time anybody wants to go to clubbing, how about we go somewhere with cheaper drinks and lesser crowds, like let's say some O Bar or something?

Anyhow written on Sep 27, 2007 at 12:59 PM

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