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A Day of Freedom, Finally

For the first time in a very long time, I awoke not to the sound of my alarm clock or my parents' nagging, but rather the sound of my tummy rumbling telling me that it was time to get something to eat. And when I took a glance at the clock, it was already 1230pm. Wooo.

Yesterday 90% of my new home was finally completed. At least my room is now 100% complete, aside from the small bits and pieces I need to spice up my already beautiful room even more. All that is left to do is to hang up my puzzle and photos on the wall, arrange my display toys on that ugly aircon trunking and fix up my superman logo on my door front. So here's what my room looks like with all the furniture in place...

But first, some random shots of me while I was bored and waiting for the furniture to come...

Black n WhiteSephiaNegative

Ok, now back to my room...

New Room 1

New Room 2

New Room 3

Can't stand it... so nice...

Oh and I went rollerblading again this afternoon. Pretty boring today as it was a Tuesday and hence not many people were blading or cycling about. But I did make a pit stop at Bedok jetty and I saw a very percular sight.

There were lots of people standing around at the jetty trying their luck at catching some fish. But the weird thing was, out of the 30+ fishermen I saw on the jetty, their total catch was only 2 types of fish. The typical silver flat fish [I donno the name cos I'm no fisherman] and some not so common greenish thin fish. And boy where there a lot of them.

Take this fisherman for example. He would get ready his fishing rod which probably had about 5 to 7 hooks on the line, toss it into the sea, shake it like he was shaking his little buddy and pull it up. And this whole process would only take less than 10 seconds. And everytime he pulled up his rod, there would be anything from 2 to 6 fishies hooked on to his line, flapping away as if they even standed a chance to escape. I sat at the sone bench watching him repeat the entire process about 10 times before I got bored and headed back to the track for more blading. Here's an idea of the amount of fish he caught during my people-watching session...


I wonder how people can find joy in catching the same old thing that is so easily caught day after day, without getting bored of repeating the same process about 100 times everytime they go there. I would never be caught dead doing such a boring activity unless I could sell each fish to the fish market at $1 each. Give me a lake of many different fishes which are bigger den my wallet and I'll glady stay there the entire day happily fishing away.

Anyhow written on Aug 21, 2007 at 6:56 PM

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