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4 days of standing and walking continuously for over 10 hours straight each day has finally come to an end. And so has the COMEX show at Suntec Convention Centre. After 4 days of trying to please every single customer that walks along our big black booth, my voice box has almost given up on me. I now sound like a yellow-toothed wrinkly old man suffering from a bad case of throat cancer. But at least I finally get to catch up on mr Zzz.

Anyway, it has been kinda monotonous these few days doing almost the exact same thing everyday [read wake up, rush to work, end work, rush home to sleep], except for the fact that every night when I come home, after my shower and before bed time, while waiting for my hair to dry itself, I will be pearched in the corner of my room, straining my already tired eyes and arms, fiddling around in a small white box, trying to find that exact piece of puzzle that fits into that exact hole or shape that I'm exactly looking for. Yup, I'm bored enough even to complete 85% of a 1000 piece puzzle all by myself.

And where does this puzzle come from? Well, it all started when the feng shui people came over to check our new home and started pinpointing every good and bad decision in terms of colour and furniture positioning of our house. And one of their godly advices was to place something round and place at the corner of my sister's room to counter some unwanted energy or something along those lines. I myself only believe in the energys of my our personal power but being the typical kiasu Singaporeans that my parents are the promptly came to a conclusion with the help of the geomancer that a mickey mouse puzzle was the cheapest optimum solution to that particular dilemma. And so back came a 1000 peice mickey mouse puzzle through the main door of our home the next day. It was supposed to be a joint effort from my sis, pipi and me, but I ended up completing most of the puzzle because they were too lazy to come help busy with some other stuff.

So here and behold, my first almost solo 1000 piece puzzle. I didn't even expect to finish it so soon, but as Mr Pringles would say, "Once you pop, You can't stop!"

Mickey Puzzle

Oh, and while surfing through my handphone pictures, I realised I forgot to post about this cool little dessert that is available somewhere within the food centre just beside Bedok Bus Interchange.

Melon Dessert

It's an entire freaking watermelon complete with extra toppings like pineapple, logans and lots and lots of ice shavings! And all this for less than 5 bucks. I wonder how much they actually earn from each serving like this. Anyway, we were out with a couple of friends on a boring day and decided to head down to Bedok to have lunch, after which, one of them ordered this "special melon dessert" that he was talking about throughout the train ride. At first we were like "whatever" but when it was finally served to the table everybody's jaw was so loose that an entire colony of flys could fly in and start populating in each of our mouths. And what made it better was that it was a freaking hot day that day and just sipping the iced watermelon juice was almost like sniff glue. [Not that I've ever sniffed glue before.] It's so nice that I need to put another picture of that huge watermelon here...

Watermelon dessert 2

Anyway after that we headed to a friend's place for a game of mahjong. That was the first time in a very long time since I had anything to do with those pesky white tiles. And as usual I "sponsored" everybody's dinner again that night. i guess God really has banned me from gambling for a lifetime. Any time when there's a combination of luck and money, you will never see me walking away from the table with a heartly smile on my face... Anybody got a spare rabbit's foot or 2 to give me? Wait, make that a million or a million and 1 rabbit's feet. Cos I don't think anything less than that would work for me...

Anyhow written on Sep 3, 2007 at 3:05 PM

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