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Sleepless in Simei

Argh. Can't sleep because stupid me forgot to charge my mp3 player throughout the entire evening. Now I have to sit in front of the laptop and watch as the battery bar on the mp3 player slowly increases.

For the first time in school life, I do not completely understand 100% of what was taught during Maths class today. It's damn complicated. I never knew you could write a readable sentence using symbols that you don't find in your english alphabet. It even makes some sense too. Hopefully this will be the exceptional case and the next lecture will be fully comprehandable again. 1 killer subject is already stressful enough.

Time check, 2.15AM. I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I don't feel tired at all. Suddenly feeling very emo. Is this what life is supposed to be like? Waking up to an alarm clock, rushing off for school without having anything to eat or drink, trying my best to pay attention in hypnotic lectures, wasting time travelling to and from school, reaching home and kill off the rest of the night by playing online games? Where's the meaning in all this? *SNAP*

Ok, got that emo part out of me. Let's continue. I always believe in IQ over EQ. Getting too emo is, as my lecturer would put it, "not good for your health". Tommorrow afternoon will be the auditions for the SIM pagant. Don't really know what to expect. Just gonna go there and be myself. Hopefully I will be selected for the next round. Actually up till now I don't even know what this pagant is about. Don't really think its for the MR/MS SIM label. Maybe it's just a mini follow-up to that beauty pagant show they had during the past weeks that was shown on channel U. Whatever the case, wish me luck at the auditions tommorrow. Hopefully my panda eyes won't be showing too much.

Ok, think my mp3 player has enough battery to last me through tommorrow. Gonna try to get some sleep now, although I feel more awake as compared to some of my lectures. Sorry if you're reading this boring post. I just had nothing better to do while waiting for my stupid player to be charged. Goodnight everyone.

Anyhow written on Oct 16, 2007 at 2:09 AM

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