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Stomach-filled Weekend

I might have gained 3kg over the weekend. All thanks to the mega amount of food that was stuffed into my tiny stomach. But other than eating, nothing much has been going on in my mundanely scheduled life over this week.

It all started on Saturday evening, when we attended some temple dinner to celebrate the end of the praying month. You know, those type which you would hate for it to be held under your block where the host screams and shouts in Hokkien in a bid to raise the price of the current item being auctioned off.

Firstly, each table was supposed to sit 10 people, but ours ended up having only 6. So for the first 3 dishes we were more than happy to have lesser people at our table because we could have twice the share of the cold dish and mock shark's fin soup. But after the shark's fin soup, everything else went downhill on a deathdrop collision course to hell.

All the food that came after that was either not tasty enough or tastes like plastic. And to add to our misery, the service staff of that restaurant should be given the "Bestest Service Award" for the amazing service that they rendered. Take for example the clearing of the dishes. During the first half of the dinner, they would at least ask if we had finished with our dish before clearing the plate away. But this was not the case for the later half. They would just cut in out of nowhere, take the almost empty plate, and walk off back to the kitchen without even saying a word. And the worst part is that it was obvious that there were still 1 or 2 pieces of food left on the plate.

And that wasn't the end of it. After the last dish, which was the fish dish, our dear table attendant DID ask if we were done with the food. Before taking all our leftovers on the plates and int eh bowls and dumping them onto the fish plate that was in the middle of our table and LEAVING IT THERE and WALKING OFF. And that palte of rubbish was left on our table for almost 10 minutes before the dessert can and she finally had the sense of mind to clear it.

Oh, and to put the cherry on top, after our dessert, she asked us if we were done and dumped the remaining and half eaten desserts that we didn't want, which were all kindly placed back onto the dessert plate for easier clearance for them, right onto the middle of the table before walking back to the kitchen with the empty plate.

Anyway, that was for the saturday dinner. Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that this year my family finally gave up on bidding for that so-called blessed flag, which probably cost more than me. Typically they would bid for that flag every year for an average of 10k throughout the years, which is probably more than the total amount spent on me for that same year, until this year.

So back to the topic on food, Sunday was a pretty boring day. Stayed home to do a little catching up on my school work and mum decided to 'ta pau' some dinner back from my auntie's place for us... Macaroni... Our favourite. but when the dinner came back, my eyeballs nearly popped out from their slots. The portion that was given to us could feed the entire family. And poor pipi and me had to finish all of it.

Normally I would have 1 enormous bowl and I would be sufficiently satisfied but yesterday we had to gobble down 2 enormous bowls each. After which we were literally lying flat on the sofa for a full 15 minutes being unable to move.

And after all this, I'm still feeling bloated today, even after a very light lunch... Hope this uncomfortable feeling doesn't turn in to something nasty during the lecture later...

Anyhow written on Oct 25, 2007 at 12:42 PM

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You're giving me a stomach ache......but thanks for flying the banner!


posted by Blogger Mimi Lenox : 11:54 AM
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