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Retail Therapy

So the exams are finally over. Time to pamper myself a little. Went out for some retail therapy for most of the afternoon, chalking up a total of $146 worth of damages within 5 hours.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't be spending money when I haven't even found a temp job that will earn me back that money, but it's always nice to pamper yourself once in a while, especially for a job well done.

My first item of the day was this light-orange hoodie that I spotted at the Uni Klo branch in the newly opened Tampines1. This was my first purchase from this Jap shop that seems to be so famous every where else except in Singapore.

And it really seems that they cater their clothes for the individual markets they are in. From my reliable sources, I heard that 80% of the clothes in the Uni Klo shops overseas consists of funky printed tees, and obviously that's how they got famous for being Japan's top casual brand. But come down to sunny old Singapore and you'll notice that 70% of the entire shop consists of boringly plain tees, simple printed-pattern polo tees and such. Only a small section was devoted to what made them famous in the first place.

Luckily I managed to find some treasure within this small treasure cove...

Jacket 1

Jacket 2

Ain't it a beauty? And in my favourite colour too!

Next up was a seemingly common tee that I'm sure most people have seen on the chests of others...

Purple 1

Look familiar? Some of you might recognise it as the tee sold at Levi's . But on closer inspection...

Purple 2

And having this tiny little change resulted in the tee only setting me back by $10. And I swear the tee is pure purple in colour. I only just realised that my phone camera does not capture purple.... Another reason why I want an iPhone.

The last contestant of the day was a difficult decision. Kinda liked it at first glance but was slightly put off by the price of it. But after walking around for an hour or so, I decided that since today was supposed to be a reward for myself, spending a few extra dollars can't hurt right?

So we headed back to the perfum section of BHG [by the way, does anyone know what BHG stands for?] and I got myself a Hugo Element gift pack...

Hugo Box

That consists of...

Hugo Gift Set

Hugo After Shave

Hugo After Shave Balm...

Hugo Shower Foam

Hugo Shower Foam...

Hugo Element Bottle

and of course, Hugo Element 60ml

At a reasonable price of only $86. And I only realised this when I got home...

Hugo Sample

The cute salesgirl also gave me 2 free samples without even telling me!

Light-Orange Hoodie: $49.90
Purple Levi's Look-a-like: $10.00
Hugo Element Gift Set: $86.00

The satisfaction of pampering yourself: PRICELESS!

Total Damages

Anyhow written on May 23, 2009 at 9:58 PM

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