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Yes, and he returns with a BANG. Got loads of things to update you all this morning. Firstly, this week I am officially on a 1-day work week schedule thanks to my company's force-leave system. So here I am, all fresh and recharged, back in the office for the first and only time this week. And it's a Friday already! Boy, time really flys when you are having fun.

My Christmas was quite a fruitful one if I could say so myself, cos I got lots of new goodies during that eventful week. Firstly, I bought dear a pair of engraved couple rings from Couple Lab @ Plaza Sing. This is the first time I'm willingly wearing someone else's name on my hand, so you can really see how much I cherish our 5 long years of togetherness. May we live happily ever after. Yes, I know fairy tales don't exist, but let's just imagine only for a while...

I also stole aquired loads of goodies from my company's Christmas Luncheon. All in all I brought home 2 laptop bags, 2 tabletop calandars, an 11th prize lucky draw Rip Curl Watch and a $30 consolation prize cheque for participating in the karaoke contest, as well as a slight loss of face due to a bad choice of song, which otherwise would have definitely grabbed me a minimum of a 3rd prize. That damn DJ hired for the event didn't even have the Westlife version of 'Flying Without Wings' thus resulting in me having to sing on a pirated version which boasts of the usual ugly ang moh girl parading around a shopping center. Did I also mention the irritating "DING... DING..." sound within the background music? So it ain't really my fault that I couldn't get top 3 right?

And just yesterday, we went to Cathay Cineplex at Douby Ghout to catch the release of Death Note 2: The Last Name. For those of you who watched Death Note 1, this sequel is a must to catch if you jumped onto the Death Note fanclub bandwagon after Death Note 1. The story gets more interesting as both geniuses try to outwit each other, and with the addition of a 2nd Death Note book, you will never expect the twist and turns that come about when the story unfolds. Although the story is slightly different from the manga version that I'm currently chasing on youtube, it still carries the same amount of intelligence and entertainment as the movie. Oh, and by the way, The Grand Cathay is freaking big! I think it can easily sit 3 normal movie theatre patrons with room to spare. And the screen is covered by a huge red curtain that arrouses applause everytime the curtains move to reveals / hides the main screen, even when the main screen is a blank. And the best part is you pay the same amount as you would a normal movie show.

Just this morning, as I was on my way to work, my eagle eyes noticed something that I believe most of you don't know. Did you know that Bangalah construction workers gather together every morning in an open space within the construction compound to do...


Yes you heard me right. MORNING PT. I too was shocked when I saw the typical chi-na sub-contractor with the balding head and bright yellow boots leading his 'men' in a full body warm-up cum stretching exercise. How come construction workers get better perks than us white-collared office staff? I too want to waste 15 minutes of my every morning doing silly workouts that obviously won't help in preventing injuries. I mean, have you ever heard of "Oh, my construction worker sprained his back while lifting heavy stuff" as apposed to "Oh, my worker got crushed by a falling girder when the crane's pully snapped". Yeah, so much for physical safety.

And another thing I've noticed these few weeks is that some Singaporean Tales are really true. Like the comic strip that we all grew up with 'Chew On It', remember the Singaporean style ah-gong, ah-ma and ah-boy comics? I distinctly remember he ever came up with a book of Singaporean rules on how to be 100% Singaporean, and one of the rules was : "The person who gets on the bus 1st never has his payment ready." In today's age of EZ-Link cards, this rule still stands true. Especially on rainy days... A big, fat person juggling with his handphone, bag and umbrella will unbelievablly always be the first to board the bus only to realize that the reader cannot detect his card within the junk that he keeps in his bag, therefore will stand on the 2nd step of the bus entrance, fiddling with is possessions, oblivious to the people behind him [who are obviously getting drenched by the rain] waiting for this idiot, without any form of consideration to at least move to the side and let others board 1st. Within 3 days, I actually came around 5 situations exactly like this, and this being the rainy season, I was obviously very pissed [not to mention drenched] at these inconsiderate Singaporeans.

There should be a fine for standing in a queue for too long. Talking about queues, have you ever heard of guys having to queue to use the restroom? Well, after the Death Note 2 movie, I actually had to wait in line with like 10 other guys to wait for our turn to use the wee-wee bin. What is this world coming to? The male toilet was made to be the more efficient and speedy of the 2 restrooms. Who ever heard of guys queueing for toilets? It pissed me off so bad that I decided to use the handicap toilet, and guess what? It was locked too... By a fat lady who took on quicker than 5 minutes to get her fat ass out off there.

NOTE OT PUBLIC : If you're not effiecient in your restroom eddiquette please DO NOT use the handicap toilets. What if a real handicap person needs to go urgently and a fat lady is occupying the toilet seat with one half of her butt trying to get her pad in place? If you cannot finish your business in 2 minutes DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT use the handicap toilet! Unless of course you're not in there alone, that obviously is a different case, in that case, please try to finish in 15 minutes or less, and please try to keep the volume down, nobody outside needs to know that your lousy guy can't find the right hole.

Anyhow written on Dec 29, 2006 at 10:03 AM

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