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Sometimes don't you think the world has too many "conformist" rules that everybody just follows blindly? Everytime you think of doing something, something in your head will tell you "By right, you should be doing XXXXXX. Doing ZZZZZZ is not socially acceptable." And even in that last sentence itself, we are already conforming to such 'Rules', why must an unknown word or phrase be typed as XXXXXX? Why can't we type it as LLLLLLL or EEEEEEE? The answer : Everybody uses XXXXXX so it's easier to understand.

Let's talk about students. From young, we were taught that students should have short, neat & black hair, perfectly symatrical round spectacles, white BATA shoes and a ninja turtle school bag that can easily take up 80% of his classroom chair seating area. Seeing this image, we will label him as a GOOD student.

On the other hand, seeing a student with long messy hair, white-based shoes with a big, red star logo on it, a long, black wallet with a dragon logo and sharp orange comb sticking out of his back pocket and a school bag that cannot contain no more than 2 textbooks, we immediately label him as a BAD student or even to the extent of an AH BENG.

But can we really how good a person's studies are just by the image he or she portrays in his daily life? For all you know, this so called BAD student has been scoring straight As and getting awards from the school. On the other hand, it's the be-spectacled nerdy looking boy that has trouble getting a pass on his major subjects.

I know that this might sound absolutely absurd but I believe that there really are some people like them. You might say that only people who are under bad influence and with no interest in their studies might dress and behave like our little AH BENG, but there you go again, generalising people with out any second thoughts.
And guess what, our little AH BENG grew up to be cool little ME.

So as you can see, you obviously cannot judge a book by it's cover or even by the 1st few pages roughly flipped through. Not only is this true for humans, it also applies for inanimate objects.

Jes and myself were discussing why people have programmed mindsets about certain things even if it's obviously not true. For example, during dinner, she accidently pulled out a packet of Kotex while searching for tissue paper. And our conversation went something like this...

Jes : Opps... Paiseh.

Anyhow : Never mind lor. Use that to wipe your mouth la.

Jes : Eeep. Er xin. But actually can hor. Give you wipe your mouth u want?

Anyhow : EEEEEEEeeee...

Jes : It's clean what. Never use before. Can absorb sweat somemore.

Anyhow : Yucks!

Jes : If you wake up with pads all over your face will you scold me? Clean one la. Haha.

Anyhow : If you wake up with condoms all over your face will you scold me? Never use before one ma...

And then the conversation went somewhere else... But as you can see, theoratically, it isn't wrong to be using a sanitary pad to wipe your face. But just the thought of it would make any normal person squirm. So would you mind if the next time you woke up u found a bunch of unused pads or condoms scattered over your pretty face? I know I still would...

If we could just learn to look at things without having a pre-concept of them already sketched into our head, this world would be a much more interesting place to live in. But I guess the big fat man in the clouds will never allow such things. Cos when we are just 2 feet tall, everybody else starts polluting our minds with such pre-concepts which are part of our self-proclaimed idealistic, wholistic society.

Where's the fun in that??

Anyhow written on Dec 15, 2006 at 11:42 AM

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