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The Weekend of Shopping Centres

Singaporeans are forever complaining that they don't have enough shopping centres to fulfill our ever-growing shopping spree desires. And through the events that occurred over this weekend, I truely understood why.

On Saturday, we headed to Jurong Point to get our bookings done for our March cruise trip. So there we were, happily making our way up the escalators when suddenly I noticed a very disturbing sight. After closely examining the people gliding down the opposite side of the elscalator, we concluded in disgust that 8 out of 10 people going down the escalator, [heck, 8 out of 10 in the entire shopping centre] were black-skinned! And not just any ordinary black-skinned people, but almost 90% of them were Bangalas!!! They should have rename the shopping centre to Bangala Point!

Was it "Bangala's Night Out" or something?? It was like freaking Orchard Road during Christmas Eve Countdown. Even the queue to the POSB ATM was over-flooding with over-sized 'Bo-Seng-Li' polo T, Pasar Malam quality jeans wearing construction workers. The line was freaking backed all the way up the stairs from B1 to the first floor. Do all Bangalas in Singapore get their pay on exactly the same day? And even if it were true, do all of them have to check their bank balance at the same time? Please give me a reason why the queue for the ATM was in the ratio of 7 Bangalas : 1 Singaporean. And these Bangalas really have weird tastes. I spotted a few groups of them posing for pictures with a normal Christmas tree behind the glass of a shopfront when there were 3 extra-large, overly decorated Display Trees just in the atrium 10 steps behind them.

And to complete the wonderful spoiling of my already saddened day [I was still recovering from my Throat Infection], a fat lady decided to piss me off while we were waiting for tables at the food court. We had 8 people in total hence we need to get 2 tables at the least. So my eagle-eyes scouted 2 side-by-side tables of small families who were almost done with their dinners and I decided to give them more pressure by standing beside their tables.

But as I was trying to get the attention of my people, one of my scouted tables [which I was already standing next to] stood up and left. And when I turned around, a fat hippo in a pink dress [Note to all : FAT and PINK don't make a good combination] hurriedly placed her huge ass on on of the empty seats. Being the gentleman that I am, I POLITELY told her that I was already waiting for the table. And she had the cheek to tell me "I was also waiting for the table." Hello! If you were there before me, why didn't I see your sorry pink fat ass while I was waiting for the table? Nobody could miss your pink hippo ass from a mile away. And here's the best part... She was a freakin Indian. Normally I'm not racist against Indians, but I think this hippo was a mis-product of an affair gone wrong between an Indian prostitute and a bangala worker. And I guess she had her own share of mis-fortune too, seeing that she was taking care of a young kid, while the father didn't turn up even up till the point when we left after our dinner. I was almost going to start a big commotion but lucky for her Jes pulled me away in time.

That was for Saturday. And just today, we were supposed to go to Vivo City for some shopping, but somehow we ended up at Suntec City instead. This was because of the huge crowd TRYING to get into Vivo City and HarbourFront Mall carparks. The queue was nay long stretching from the barrier into the carpark and tailing back all the way to the main road. If they are going to make such a humongous shopping mall, why can't they do the same with the carpark? I mean Suntec City isn't as big as Vivo City, but I never once had problems finding a lot, let alone getting into the carpark. The people running Singapore these days only have papers but they sure are lacking in the practicality department.

And the funny thing was, we actually overshot the Tanjong Pagar exit and had to U-turn back at Suntec, only to find out that the freaking carpark was freaking packed. So in the end we decided to make our way back to Suntec.

And to end off my daily ramblings, I found out that the character L in the Death Note manga was actually model-drawn after me! If you don't believe me, see it for yourself.

See the striking resemblence, aside from the hair??

Anyhow written on Dec 10, 2006 at 10:15 PM

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