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1 week without a post... Seems like I'm getting lazier by the week. Nothing much has been happening around me these few days apart from the fact that I finally recieved my personalized sling bag and the birthday celebration at O Bar for my cousin's 22nd birthday. Other than that, everyday's been the same old routine, wake up, go to work, come home for gaming, sleep.

If working life is really this boring, I think I'd rather convert to a monk and master my drunken-cockroach legs and flying-penguin fists. But at least now I'm able to bring my own laptop to work so I can get a game or 2 in when everybody except me is busy.

As for my new bag... Here's a picture taken from my precious N73. TADA!! Only those who know me well enough might know how to appriciate the art.

click for actual N73 image size

And the best part about this bag is my laptop just fits into the main compartment so I can bring it to work [and school next time] any time I want to!

Moving on, this Saturday was a very well spent day. Woke up early in the morning to go K-Lunch with what supposedly was to be a 61st Batch outing, but in the end turned out to be only JW, EZQ and me being available. Never the less, we had a great time singing and enjoying ourselves. I must say I think my singing on that day reached a whole new level. Hopefully it breaks the next level again during my company contest. After lunch, we spend a good few hours roaming aimlessly around the city hall area until EZQ had to go back and rest as the virus in his body got the better of him.

After that we had a good old-fashion chat with JW. Learnt many things about JW during those few hours. Number one, he's one heck of a talker. I never knew he could sit down and have a conversation for almost 2 hours without any akward moments in between.

After that we left for the main course of the night, my cousin's 22nd birthday bash at O Bar. I even tested my phone-camera in un-optimal conditions, with low-light and constantly moving backgrounds. And guess what? Most of the photos came out fine. I wouldn't say they are best quality photos, but at least they are still pleasing to the eye. The only set back was I didn't get to capture the birthday girl herself as there was a strong competitor amongst the crowd... An actual digital camera... As for my pictures, go ahead and take a look at what a camera phone can do in a pub...

Poor 1st attempt

Beautiful Us

One of the best shots of the nite. Quality!

Are you shy or just high? Red Cheeks!

Anyhow written on Nov 27, 2006 at 12:07 PM

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