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The Job Market

Working in tough. Especially if you're in the sales line with no commission and you encounter an old man who doesn't know shit about cameras and keep asking stupid questions, which by the way you have already told him the answers like 3 times within the last 10 minutes, which any normal person would have the common logic to figure out by themselves.

OK, pop quiz... What does these 2 symbols on a normal camera stand for?

Simple right? Anybody don't know the answer?? I shall not insult your intelligence, as all of us can easily identify, the first is the self-timer while the latter is the flash. But apparently, not everybody who has the money to fly expensive airlines has the common sense to identify these symbols by themselves.

As hard as it might be to believe, this is an actual reanactment of the actual words spoken during a roadshow...

Naggy Old Man : "Where is the flash? How do you turn it on and off?"

Promoter [pointing to the flash icon] : "It's over here sir. Just press it to turn on the flash."

Naggy Old Man : "How do you turn it on and off?"

Patient Promoter [Again pointing to the flash button] : "This button. You just press it and the flash will be on. If you press it again the flash will be turned off."

Naggy Old Man : "Oh, then how do you turn it off if I don't want the flash?"

Calm and Collected Promoter [Pointing and pressing the flash button] : "You just press the same button again. See, the first time u press it, it says 'FLASH ON'. If you press it again is changes to 'SLOW SINCRO' which means the flash will flicker longer so the picture won't be so bright and if you press it again it says 'FLASH OFF'. And the last time it will change to 'FLASH AUTO' which means the camera will determine if it needs to have the flash on or not."

Naggy Old Man : "Oh OK. Then how do I set it to AUTO mode?"

Forced-smiled Promoter [Again pointi... You get the picture.] : "You just press the flash button until it says 'FLASH AUTO'."

Naggy Old Man : "Then where is the flash button?"

Slowly-losing-patience Promoter [You should have memorised this line by now] : "It's over here sir. The button I just showed you."

Naggy Old Man [Pointing at the self-timer button] : "Oh. Then what is this button for?"

As you can see, I don't know if he is blind in one eye or deaf in the other ear, but either way, he just seems to have the understanding power of a 4 year old. And this is just a short scene taken from the entire 45 minutes that he was standing there asking questions about the camera when he hasn't even bought it yet. Thank god he still bought the camera in the end, or I would have personally jumped over the counter to strangle him with my bare hands.

Anyway my Sony job is coming to an end soon and I'll be starting work as a Technical Assistant in some school somewhere. I don't know the full details cos the company hasn't gotten back to me on which school I would be posted to but at least I think it's a slack job. I'm supposed to troubleshoot any computer problems that the end users [teachers, students and toilet cleaners] encounter during the course of using the computer, for example mouse cursor not being able to move cos they accidently pulled it out while playing PONG too vigorously or shit like that.

Personally I don't really know much when it comes to the hardware of computers but hopefully I'll be able to smoke through. I heard from a fellow interviewee who's friend is already working as a TA that it's a simple job of just slacking around the school and waiting for knock-off time. The pay is kinda low but let's just hope the distance and freedom makes up for it. And most importantly I hope that there is wireless LAN or at the very least an Internet connection that I can hook up my personal laptop to. Or else I would be boring myself to death everyday.

And finally, today's random funny...

Colin Chang --


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'How will you be defined in the dictionary?'

Anyhow written on Oct 20, 2006 at 5:28 PM

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