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Long Time No See, I thought I Mati

Been a while since my last post. Sorry again to those visiting this dusty site during these few days. Been quite tied up with my new job as a Technical Assistant in Manjusri Secondary School lately, hence the inability for regular updates.

Anyway, what's my new job all about you ask? Well, basically I'm paid to just sit and my table and wait for some technical or IT fault to occur to any teacher or desktop or laptop or server or router or printer or whatever IT stuff in the school and then go and fix it.

Sounds simple? Not when MOE gives each teacher a personal USB drive that saves their account information so as to "increase efficiency" of the teachers by ridding them the need to type in their user name and password for every other application they use. And it gets worse when each teacher gets a laptop packed to the brim with anti-virus, file sharing, network accessing and other stuff, which by the way only has 128MB of RAM, for their work use. It ain't the inefficiency of the teachers, but rather the inefficiency of the equipment they are using.

Anyway, so my job is to run around the school the entire day helping teachers with their login/network problems, laptop hanging problems, internet connection problems etc etc. And now is only the school holiday period... When school actually restarts, I doubt I would even have time to think about pouring a glass of water, much less have my lunch.

Enough about work, the thing that I'm more excited about right now is this business called my-impulse. We ran into a push-cart seller selling sling bags that can be customised by printing any picture on the front of the bag. I've actually already designed a personal design [people who know me well should have already seen it before] to be printed on one of the bags. Won't let out too much on it now, if you want to see my new bag and design, TREAT ME TO A MEAL after 2 weeks from now!! Wahahaha. For more info about this business, how about visiting their webbie:

It would be fully operational by this Friday. Too bad I'm an impatient man... I already planned for my bag. That's it for today, going to sleep soon and dream about my future bag...

Anyhow written on Nov 1, 2006 at 9:26 PM

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