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What is it with Short Girls and Tall Guys?

It's the same old question time and time again.


The obvious politically correct answer would be: "It doesn't matter how tall you are but rather how much love and care the guy can give to the girl." But face the facts people, ultimately, a female's deepest, darkest primal instincts will still push her to go for the taller man. It all started during the era of cavemen and wooly mammoths...

During the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and all that protected a man's tool from the elements was a piece of loincloth, the taller caveman was always labelled as the alpha-male. This was because he could reach the higher, fresher fruits on the trees, chase down his lunch and dinners better [longer strides due to longer legs] and even catch more fish cos he could stand deeper in the river without fear of being flushed away. So obviously, the female of the species tend to be more attracted to the taller male because he could provide for her and her family better.

This resulted in a distinguished segregation between the taller, alpha-males and the shorter, less accepted males. Hence, from the beginning of time itself, humanoids had already developed a mindset that tall is always better.

Now, back to mordern day Singapore, although we have been said to have by-passed the historical versions of ourselves many million years ago, some sinister parts of our DNA build still exists from our ancestors. Mainly, the 'self-preservation' rule and 'taller is better' rule. Ask any girl on the street, if given a chance to choose between 2 identical guys, one who's 160cm and the other who's 180cm tall, the answer would be obvious.

Ask them for the reason why, and the standard, non-refundable answer will suffice :

"The taller guy gives me a sense of security."

This is especially true among the majority of the shorter girls. And if that isn't enough to piss the not-so-tall population off, the taller girls themselves always look for someone who's 'taller than them'. So where does that leave us? A public discussion in an open forum lead to the following stereotyping, that a guy must be at least 175cm just to be even considered for a partner for most girls.

So what is it that makes taller guys so much more attractive than us shorter guys? Apart from the [false] sense of security that they emit and the 'taller is better' rule of evolution, a bunch of scientists who have nothing better to do actually did do some research into this topic. And the results say that taller heights suggust that the guy has good genes or comes from a wealthy family. And they even go as far as stating a survey result that showed taller men are more likely to produce kids than their shorter counterparts. There are even rumours that taller men have longer D*CKS due to the proportioning of their body-height ratio.

But before you tall people get your balls carried over the rainbow, I'd like to bring you back to earth, and pull along those girls with the 'taller man' fantasies along with u. For one, shorter men tend to have longer lifespans. We also have better personalities, just becuase we have to, in order to match up to those tall, muscular dumb dumbs we see around every corner. And shorter guys strangely have a better sense of humour, I mean, have you ever seen a TALL stand-up comedian?

As for the [false] sense of security they give you, many girls who have tall guys for partners say that it wears out over time. Sure, a big, stulking bloke can look intemidating to your would-be attackers, but how sure are you that he won't start to weep like a baby when a knife is pointed at his oh-so-big chest? Shorter guys have better, faster and sharper natural reflexes then most tall guys, and I dare to say that I can hold my ground in any fight.

So shorte guys fret not, we still can stand our ground against our taller counterparts, we just need to work harder than them to get the girls to notice us. And once she does, just let your personality do the rest. Being tall only gets you noticed, being great gets you everywhere else. And as quoted from one of the gals in the forum...


And of course, my personal favourite quote:

God made me perfect, he just made everyone else taller

Anyhow written on Dec 11, 2006 at 10:33 AM

6 bored people said something about this

amen to that brotha.....hey, I've stolen many a woman from her taller boyfriend so score one for the 5'6" and under team.

posted by Blogger Kiyotoe : 10:17 AM

Yeah, baby. thats what I'm talking about.

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 10:20 PM



posted by Blogger Bond : 5:41 AM

Im 5'10" and most all my boyfriends have been around that hieght or less. The ones that were taller for the most part:not as good in you're right. Short guys do it better.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 6:54 AM

Strike 2 for the tallies!! Now dont' u all wish you were shorter??

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 11:06 AM

I'm 5.6" tall and my short stature had always been an impediment for achieving poise and self-confidence. It was about two years ago that I met my wife and we almost instantly made connection. She is about half an inch shorter than me but I would always feel a little insecure whenever she wore sandals. This would make her look much taller than myself. Not that anything wrong with that but society collectively feeds us with some stereotypes and a guy shorter than a woman would always raise eyebrows. My wife (who back then was my girlfriend) was conscious of myself being a little uneasy. She started coaching me on improving my dress coordination and also suggested that I should try wearing those walktall shoes. Doing a little research myself I gathered some info on stretching exercises. Although it’s true that exercises will not make you grow taller but it definitely helped me improve my posture. We certainly have more height hidden behind our slouched back and shabby dressing than we ever realize. There are some very basic stretching exercises and vertical fashion techniques that together can make a noticeable improvement in your height. And lastly it’s all a matter of perception. It all boils down to how we perceive ourselves. A better height can add to our confidence, but again, it’s our mind that perhaps makes us insecure. Some short dudes possess endless energy that makes their presence much taller than their height. You can follow the link below to get more info on posture exercises and some basic visual height enhancement techniques:

Good luck

posted by Blogger cyberislanddude : 5:17 AM
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