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Finally Some Sun

For the first time in like 48 hours, I see the sun shining brightly in my face. I know that December is the time of clouds and rain over here, but never did I expect the rain to go on for almost 24 hours non-stop yesterday.

Anyway, enough of the bad weather, at least the sun in shining now so we should talk about happier thoughts. Yesterday I went back to TP for the first time in 3 years after graduating to help my friend with her project. Everything looked almost the same except the IT canteen which was transformed into some sort of mordern day air-conditioned food court you see in those shopping centres, complete with brightly lit stall names. And the other major thing that I noticed was that 99% of the lecturers I spotted walking around that day were totally alien to me. In fact, I only recognised 1 familiar lecturer face throughout the day.

When I asked my friend about this, she said that most lecturers nowadays are on a part-time teaching basis, which means all the full-time lecturers either got bored of the school or decided to run off to greener pastures.

So anyway, there we were, in the comfort of the lab, trying to figure out how to get her project to produce an A so that she can pull her test results up, when I realised that the IT lecturers nowadays are not doing thier job very well. All they did was to flash the direct answers on the projector expecting the students to understand whatever nonsense they see on screen. This resulted in me having to teach almost the entire syllabus to my friend from scratch. If that's the case I think I should switch jobs and become a full-time lecturer. I hear the pay is good.

After a few lessons, all of a sudden it was already time for me to leave. And to my suprise [or not], the moment I stepped out of the lab, the rain decided that it was not strong enough and started to pour like there's no tommorrow. Opps, why am I talking about the rain again. Maybe because it pissed me off while I was making my way back home after watching Eragon. The entire area around my building was booby trapped with deep pools of mud water or innocently "shallow" looking puddles. We were like monkeys performing for a banana trying to get back to sheltered safety.

Oh by the way Eragon is nice. I encourage everyone to go watch it. The dragon is a female and she is actually quite "Chio" in terms of dragon beauty.

Anyhow written on Dec 20, 2006 at 11:06 AM

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