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The Day After Tomorrow...

...Will the start of a brand new year. But honestly speaking I don't really feel a lot of the New Year spirit either. I just realised that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I do not have any planned or even proposed activity on how to celebrate my NYE. Nobody has called me yet, I haven't called anybody, and I think this status quo would stay the same even until the stroke of midnight tomorrow.

What has 2006 been for me? Well, a good 80% of my 2006 was wasted supposedly serving the nation, by asking people to do physical exercises and at the same time teach them to fall down [as if they don't already know how] and ocassionally enjoying a few rounds of DOTA in between. Other than that, I think the most significant moments of my 2006 are as follows...

1. Freedom from having to serve the nation

2. Getting my first full-time job

3. Buying my N73

4. Taking part in my first Karoake Contest

5. Getting a new pair of specs

As you can see, 2006 hasn't really been an exciting year for me. I'll try to fill up the list if I remember any other semi-significant events in 2006, but as of now, yup, that's my boring life.

I miss the days of adolescence, when life was care-free and all we ever wanted to do was to enjoy ourselves to the max. Gone were the days of sitting around at a coffee shop, chatting away into the night, or those maniac outings where the whole group of us had so much fun together. Right now, everybody's growing up, those who need monetary satisfaction have plunged into the working world, others who seekknowledge have moved on to the respective Unis. To each his own path, braving the new challenges that he faces ahead, not turning back to reminscense the memories of the past.

Currently the person that I spend the most time with, apart from my dear, is Acey, my precious laptop. Am I becoming an anti-social, cyber-addicted freak who gives his laptop names? Have I forgotten about my family and friends of the real world? Who can pull me out of this lonesome and boring monotoneous life of technology that the world has bestowed upon me?

Most probably tomorrow will be no different from any other passing day of my boring life, which most probably will just fly past as quickly as a mosquito on steroids and thus bringing an end to the boring year of 2006. Hopefully 2007 will bring more excitement and joy to everybody, especially myself. Happy New Year's Eve to everybody in advance.

A Death Note could definitely make my life more interesting... How about something like this:

Dies peacefully on the stroke on midnight on 31 Dec 2006 when he climaxes while in bed with 3 cute, voluptuous Japanese identical triplets.

I wouldn't mind that at all...

Anyhow written on Dec 30, 2006 at 10:30 PM

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