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First Day @ Work

Finally back to serious work after a freaking long break, [4 working days in a 14 days] and boy was it hecktic. Did not even get a chance to do my own things from the moment I stepped into school [8.30am] until now [4.36pm], which is like only 1 hour away from my knock off time.

And truth be told, I'm starting to get frutrated. Not by the teacher's who constantly hi-jack me for my services while I'm walking to take a piss, not by the printers that seem to have a conspricy of running out of ink all at the same time, not by the VP who constantly acts like she forgot to wear her underwear, but rather because of the stupidly slow laptops and desktops that need my constant attention. Honestly speaking, I could have finished everything I did today in half the time it took me if the computers were just a teeny bit faster.

You can't really blame it on the computers though, because during the time that they were bought, they were obviously the ones with the minimum performance but still they were good... Until MOE decides to input all sorts of funky background applications that eat up what minimal RAM the computers already have, causing them to act like 92 year old grannies in the Standard Chartered Marathon. So if we really have to blame somebody, I guess we'd have to blame MOE then.

Hopefully they will wisen up and get some higher quality laptops to replace those already condemned [including mine] so as to achieve better performance and efficiency from anybody using these computers. I really cannot imagine how teachers can effectively teacher their students anything when they have to wait 5 minutes just for the computer to get to the login screen and another 5 minutes for it to load all the applications and start being 'usable'. Did I mention the additional 5 minutes needed to wait for the powerpoint slide to load? That's a grand total of 15 minutes of good time wasted, or if you would, effectively half a period.

Ok, enough of my blabbering about how unglam my work is, let's talk about 2007. Today is the 3rd day of the new year and I've decided to make a fwe New Year's Resolutions, or a wishlist if you would. I think 5 is already a very big number to achieve, but who knows? Maybe I just might be able to be Superman, so here goes...

My New Year's Resolutions for 2007
1. Regain my long lost 6-pac [Do or die mission!!]
2. Get admitted to SIM and get at least a B average in ALL subjects [yeah right]
3. Get myself another pair of stylish Levi's jeans [not as easy as it sounds]
4. Hit 170cm [Mission Impossible??]
5. Erm... Dye my hair?? [MI : 2]

I'll put up this wishlist on the side of my blog when I get home from work so that you guys can monitor be impressed by the number of Resolutions I've completed... Hahaha...

Anyhow written on Jan 3, 2007 at 4:33 PM

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