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Good Morning Readers

UPDATED!!! New picture added!

It's the first time in 2007 since I've got some spare time to myself during work, although I assure you that I would be stuck in the labs immediately after my lunch hour, just like all the previous days before. But nonetheless, I won't let a perfect opportunity to blog go to waste!

Work has been keeping me busy these few weeks, obviously cos it's the start of a new school term, and I AM working in a school environment. This explains the sudden lack of postings since the start of 2007.

Nothing much has been happening around me this year. Been living my typical little life, going to my typical 8-5 [actually 8.30-5.30] job, getting my typical miserable income, playing typical games during the nights and spending typical weekends with my typical girlfriend. So typical of a typical Singaporean. [Have you ever noticed that when you keep using the same word repeatedly, you suddenly find that word somewhat weird and alien. I don't know if it's just me or does anybody get this feeling too?] Shit, I got side-tracked by my brain again.

Much to the delight of my parents, I finally submitted my application for Singapore Institute of Management [SIM]. If all goes well, I would be starting my Computing and Information Systems course somewhere during April. Not that I'm blowing my own trumpet, but judging from the info that I got from some of my friends, I believe that my results should sucure me a place in SIM hands down.

Anyway, the previous animation that I did [refer to previous post] gave me an idea. Instead of having these cool clips/images/animations up for almost less than a week, why don't I give them more exposure by leaving them a permanent link on my main page. So I went through some of my previous work, and decided to post a few of my nicer works up for all to admire. All these were done by yours truely without any external help. And as usual, I will have to wait till I get home to create a new link header for these links on the right. In the meantime, enjoy the beauty and creativity that comes in a small but fiesty package called anyhow...

One of my first works. Used as a background image for my first blog. Wolf is drawn by me, moon is copied from some webby.

One of my favourites. A poem composed by yours truely. Don't you think the picture adds a ton of meaning to the poem?

Missing link page? Look again. As usual, edited by yours truely.

Another poem by me.

I think I still have a few more... will upload them when I get home.

Anyhow written on Jan 16, 2007 at 9:56 AM

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