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It's Cats-ing Dogs and Rain


Yes!I've finished the animation! Time for you folks to enjoy!! Haha...

It it just me or could it be a massive, 1st-in-the-world, creative advertising campaign by Channel 5? Have you noticed that ever since they started advertising their latest TV premiere of "The Day After Tomorrow", the rain has been pouring down on us non-stop.

For those who like on the other side of the mountain, "The Day After Tomorrow" is a movie that depicks the coming of a 2nd Ice Age in the near future, when Mother Nature gets overly pissed with us humans destroying her body and soul, hence unleashing a natural chain of unnatural natural disasters upon us, which comes complete with a final icy-breath that covers the entire world in ice.

Now back to the real world... We've experienced the heaviest rainfall in Singapore last December since 19... somthing... obviously a super long time ago. And after a few days of sunny sunshine, when everybody thinks that it's the calm after the storm, the treturous downpours come back to haunt us.

I am definitely not a rain-person. Rain sucks. It gives you wet jeans, spoils your hairstyle, forces you to carry an additional, un-glam item called an umbrella and makes you start to walk like monkeys jumping along the street. But sometimes the rain does provide you with a slight ounce of entertainment value when you see the kind of sticky situations people get themselves into.

Just yesterday, me and pipi were walking along a flooded Orchard Road with our umbrellas wide open, waiting for the traffic lights to change so we could cross the stupid road. And just as we were crossing the road, we came upon a little river at the end of the road, just in front of the pavement. So me, being the agile warrior that I am, didn't even miss a beat when I cascaded over the river with one mighty leap. Pipi on the other hand, hesitated for a while, then took 1 mightly leap...

... only to end up sole deep in the middle of the river!!

It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. I'd make a picture, heck even a flash animation if I could, but I don't have the softwares at work. Maybe when I get back home I'll do 1 so you guys can get the full effect of the situation. So anyway, so there I was, staring at her for the longest 2 seconds of my life before I burst out with laughter, and continued laughing all the way to the bus stop. But of course I did help her out of the river somewhere in the midst of all the laughter.

But it seems that fate has a way of coming around and pinching you in the butt. After that hilarious incident, we made our way to get some 'Old Chunky' and thereafter proceeded to wait for our bus. And while I was happily eating my curry puff, my umbrella, which I placed in a slippery, transparent plastic condom, which I then placed on a slippery, wet marble slab they call a seat, just slippery happened to slippidy slip. So in an effort to use my acute reflexes to catch the umbrella, the curry puff I was holding on the other hand popped out of the bag and promptly made it's way to the wet concrete floor. Luckily my puff was already 3/4 eaten and I don't think many of the people crowding the bus stop saw the entire ordeal,which was over in like 5 seconds, or else I would have sued the rain.

Ok, time to knock off from work. Hopefully I can get the animation [yes, I've decided to make an entire animation of the scene] done by this weekend and put it up for the world to see. Check back soon ya!

Anyhow written on Jan 12, 2007 at 4:49 PM

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