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Over Commercialized?

Pipi commented last night that my blog seems to be getting more and more commercialized, to the point where it was not about my personal self anymore. And I kinda agree with her. I've been trying so hard lately to increase my viewership that I almost lost myself.

Nowadays I seem to be forcing myself to post something everyday so that I can earn a quick buck or 2 by having a paid post under every original post. I believe everyone of you has experienced a time like this, where you feel your blog is becoming something that it wasn't meant to be. What was my blog ment to be in the first place?

Well, when I first started blogging, it was mainly due to the influence of friends who already had blogs going on at that time. Mainly it was just an outlet of all my thoughts and feelings which I had no where else to put. [Yeah I know it sounds loser-ish] Back then my viewership was only confined to a selected few who knew I even had a blog. I could say whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and nobody would really care. Kinda felt that everybody was just a silent listening ear back then.

And so my blogging journey started from a little push from friends and carried on during National Service where it even almost got me into trouble once. During NS, my blogging friends started to dwindle. Most of them decided they didn't have enough time to invest on their blogs and thus my viewship decreased even more, even to the point of an average 8 hits per week. And that was basically my blogging life until...

I found bestestblog and payperpost. That's when I started to get random visits through the random blog button and started having a bunch of paid posts on my blog. Although my main readership hasn't changed much, I'm getting many new viewers mainly from the US. What I really want is not random 1-timers, but more of consistant viewers who come back for more.

So from today I'm not going to post just for the sake of posting. I will try to put more posts that are about me and my [boring] life. Although I might lose a number of visiters this way, I'm determined to get my blog back on track as something that defines me. Its about me, myself and I.

[Look, more commercialisation]

Anyhow written on Mar 2, 2007 at 3:16 PM

2 bored people said something about this

We all feel like that from time to time. It takes awhile to make your blog feel like your home. Keep trying.

posted by Blogger Mimi Lenox : 9:54 AM

Thanks for the encouragement. Will try to make it more about me in the future!

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 10:02 AM
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