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The Misuse of Car Horns

It seems to me that over the years, as technology becomes more and more advance, people are either getting more and more full of themselves, or what I think, are just getting plain stupidier cos there are so many 'Intelligent' machines that do all the thinking for us, we just have to behave like zombies. Face it, the world seems to be overwriting the basic functionalities of all things with their own version of "How it really should be used, According to ME"

Take the simple car horn for example. You know, the one that gives an irritating "BEEEPP!" or "POOORRRTTT!" or even an occassional rare "Du Du Ti Du Du". What was the car horn's basic purpose? Anybody who has taken the their basic road theory test should know that a car horn is used to alert the surrounding people of potential danger or accident. Key word : ALERT. But in any case, it has never been used for this exact same purpose. Trust me, I'm a driver myself and I know this.

Let's recap, 'To be used to alert and warn the surrounding people of potential danger or accident'. Take a typical drvier on the roads for example. He's casually driving along when suddenly another impatient driver cuts into his lane right in front of him, causing the main cast to step on the brakes, blast his horn and add in a couple of self-dictated vulgarities. All this is over in a matter of seconds and he is again back to driving along the road.

In the first place, when somebody cuts infront of you and you do have the alertness of mind to jam your brakes, am I going out on a limb by saying that there is very little or even NO potential danger? If that is the case, why does every driver's palm go straight for the horn instead of heading for the handbrake? Does sounding the horn reduce the possibility of hitting the car in front? In fact, it's just your way of saying "F*** YOU, YOU @#$%^&@$*%! GET OFF THE &*^&@#)*@ ROAD IF YOU CAN'T DRIVE PROPERLY!"

Another situation is when you're waiting behind a very cautious driver at a junction trying to merge into mainstream traffic. As you see opportunity by opportunity to merge in zoom past in front of you, while this fraile looking old-man doesn't even move his vehicle an inch, you start to get frustrated and horn-y. But again, back to basics, does blasting your horniness at him give him the courage to risk life and limb by joining on coming traffic recklessly? I doubt this old man even heard your horn in the 1st place, because he's probably partially deaf in both ears.

In any case, even if the situation is really about to lead to an accident, blasting away at the horn doesn't really help much does it? I'd rather use that few additional seconds to cover my beautiful face in case any glass shatters.

Anyhow written on Feb 27, 2007 at 11:09 AM

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