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The Birds and the... Just the Birds

Big Tree

Have you guys heard of singing trees? Well, i can tell you that they are the most irritating things in the world. How would I know? There are a couple of them just outside my window. For those who fell further away from the General Knowledge tree, singing trees are trees that somwhow or rather are choosen by the birds to be their usual gathering place. And once they gather up in the hundreds, just like us humans, they begin chatting away about what's been happening throughout the day. And trust me, the singing trees don't sound anything like a song.

Only God knows how these birds pick and choose the tree to be their daily headquarters and even more amazingly, they only come at certain timings during the day, mainly the exact time where they can make the most nuisance of themselves. Some of the regular timings that they are usually 'home' are...

6PM to 8.30PM - This timing ain't so bad because usually we are eating dinner and watching TV shows with the family or playing computer games in my room. So they don't really affect us much other than prompting us to increase the volume of the TV up a notch or two.

5AM to 7AM - This is when it gets really irritating. Previously we always slept with the air-con on so we never really noticed the difference, but recently we have started to sleep with the nature's air-con to reduce some of the household expenses and I can tell you that the 'song' from the trees are no bedtime melody. Being the light sleeper that I am, I am usually rudely awakened by these little devils chirping away at the top of their voices around 5+ everyday. That's when I start tossing and turning in my bed trying to shut out the noise from just outside my window. I will finally get back to dreamland around half and hour to 45 minutes later, just ot be awoken by my alarm clock 1 hour later at 7AM. And the best part is, a few minutes after I should officially be awake, those damn birds decide to call it a day and keep quiet.

And another thing about singing trees is that the ground under it will be bombed like Hiroshima everyday. And that's the exact spot where I always wait for cabs! Thankfully the are usually not around when I'm in need of a cab. But you will always fear for your life when you are standing on a concrete pathway scattered with evidence of white bomb droppings within a 4 meter radius, even though you don't hear any birdies above you.

There used to be only 1 singing tree just in front of my room window in the past, which was solved when I think somebody complained about it and it was stripped naked of it's leaves and branches, but ever since the leaves and branches have grown back, those pesky birds have returned to terrorise us once again. And to make matters worse, I think the new singing tree that they most probably moved to during the naked season, which is just across the road by the way, has been rented out to new occupants. So now we have 2 singing trees within a 50 meter radius of my place. I only have I last thing to say...


Anyhow written on Feb 26, 2007 at 9:13 AM

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