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Wordless Wednesday : Guess What This Is

Guess What This Is

HINT : It's not a ruler. Answer will be posted on 29 Feb. Good Luck!

Anyhow written on Feb 28, 2007 at 7:34 AM

29 bored people said something about this

i think it is the container that knitting needles come in when you buy them???

smiles, bee

posted by Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) : 12:54 PM

It does look like store packaging for something that is layed upside down.

posted by Blogger Biker Betty : 1:45 PM

I can't make it out, but it looks like some kind of craft packaging, or one of those slap bracelets.

Thanks for stopping by.

posted by Anonymous Ma : 1:54 PM

Can't figure it out but I love the color.
Thanks for the visit.

posted by Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD : 5:07 PM

A green thing with a hole ?

posted by Blogger Gattina : 6:34 PM

Like they've already said it's the packaging of something ... If it's not that it's a reflective strip for when you're riding your bicycle.

posted by Blogger letha : 7:05 PM

My first thought was slap bracelet but then decided not with the hole at the end. That looks more like a hole that they would use to hang it off of a hook for display purposes so I'm going to go with the majority here and guess knitting needle or maybe crochet hook packaging.

posted by Blogger Linda : 7:17 PM

I immediately thought of those wrist-snap things, they're good when it's dark because you can put them over coats and things. I'm also going from the fact it isn't complately straight, you know, it slightly arched. That's my guess, anyway :) Happy Wordless Wednesday!

posted by Blogger Rache : 7:27 PM

Think its like a vertical blind thing for the window.
Who knows, but the color is cool.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 7:44 PM

It looks like the case for a ruler....

posted by Anonymous Chris : 8:24 PM

I have to agree with Bee. Thanks for stopping by my WW. I put you link up as I did not have auto linky on there when you stopped by.

posted by Blogger Turnbaby : 8:31 PM

Um...I'm thinking a wrapper for some kind of flat long object?
Am I right?
Happy WW.

posted by Blogger annie : 9:02 PM

Wendy directed me here...

posted by Blogger annie : 9:02 PM

Is it a knitting needle case???

posted by Blogger busy91 : 9:53 PM

Oh aren't you a brat! :-)

My answer is already up there - looks like a case for knitting needles to me!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 10:40 PM

hmmmm....any chance you can post the answer on 1 March....the 29 February is quite a ways

posted by Blogger katherine. : 10:47 PM

Hmmmm definitely packaging but of what? Something long...LOL


posted by Blogger Holly : 10:56 PM

I have no idea what that is.....obviously I lead a very sheltered life.

posted by Blogger Crystal : 11:00 PM

Well, ruler would have been my guess! But I think I would have to go with knitting needles too!

posted by Blogger Michelle : 11:36 PM

shoe horn

posted by Blogger Last Minute Lyn : 11:39 PM

I'll go with a package for paint brushes.
And I'm with Katherine: February 29th is a LONG time to wait for this answer!

posted by Blogger Morgen : 1:21 AM

I have NO idea :)

posted by Blogger Skittles : 1:53 AM

Ummmm, what in the world? I was thinking metal ruler but you said no ruler..... gosh, wooden shish kabob skewers, LOL!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 5:43 AM

Haha, many good guesses. There are some who actually got it right! And the answer was supposed to be on 1st March too, sorry for the confusion. Answer will be up in a while!!

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 7:46 AM

No idea. I'm going with the "packaging" guesses. but for what, i don't nkow

posted by Anonymous Rav`N : 7:56 AM

OK people! The answer is up!! Gratz to those who got it right.

what would you guys say if I made this a weekly thing??

posted by Blogger anyhowblogs : 11:47 AM

When I view your blog it is all distorted to me. I couldn't even begin to tell you what it is. It almost looks like a ruler that is in its package.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12:31 PM

ooops i am late, so i already know! i loved my one of those.

posted by Blogger Claire : 8:46 PM

he-he You know allready I know this is a reflexion roll-up band. Great idea and WW post

posted by Blogger TorAa : 12:09 AM
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