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This weekend was a particularly busy one. In fact, I didn't have a single hour to myself throughout the entire weekend. Saturday was mostly spent shopping for bedlinen. Oh and Sunday too.

The shopping habits of my family are crazy. Just Sunday alone we spent a grand total of a whooping 1,000.00 dollars on all the shopping alone. And that didn't include the carparking charges and petrol costs. Here's a list of the stuff that we bought over the weekend...

$$ 4 complete sets of bedlinen and quilt covers for my room

$$ 4 complete sets of bedlinen and quilt covers for my sister's room

$$ A tampered glass chopping board

$$ A set of 8 different-colour-tinted drinking cups

$$ Skin-care products for my cousin

$$ Hello Panda chocolate biscuits

$$ Cardigans for my sis

$$ A Nike Bag for myself

Well, the only saving grace for a whole weekend of shopping is that I found a new slingbag to replace my almost broken Spider-Bag. Yup. If you have been following my blog from the start of the year, you would know that I bought this bag from a store in Cineleisure where you can print your own image on the cover of the bag. I designed a spider icon and had it printed on my bag but although it was beautiful and all, the bag's durability was less than acceptable, within 2 months the sling was coming out from the side. The owner of the store was kind enough to replace one FOC for me but the same thing happened to the replacement bag within another 3-4 months.

So I gave up on having my own personalized bag and opted for a sleaker blackish nike bag. At first I wasn't sure if my laptop could fit into it as it looked a tad too tiny for my laptop but I decided to "Just Do It" and bought it on the spot. That proved to be the right choice as my laptop fitted perfectly into the bag when I got home to try. Now I'm one very happy boy with a new unique Nike bag. Oh, and the reason I like Nike so much? No, not because I'm a brand-faced faggot, but because when you buy a Nike product, you can be sure that you have a 95% chance of NOT having anyone along Orchard road carrying exactly the same product as you, aka not like some other sports brands out there.

So here it is, my spanking new, cool-looking Nike Sling Bag for all to drool over. No, I'm just kidding don' drool over it. I want it back dry.

Nike Sling

Anyhow written on Jun 11, 2007 at 10:28 AM

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